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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Pleads Her Case on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier, Michael E. Knight

Chloe Lanier, Michael E. Knight

Julian again complains to Alexis about Olivia's smear campaign. She doesn't believe Olivia is behind it, but Julian says there's no one else it could be. Alexis complains about how hard her trainer is pushing her. Kendra shows up and Alexis tells her that her doctor gave her the all clear to use the supplements.

Nelle and Martin prepare for her parole hearing. She believes she'll be out today, but Martin warns that it will take longer. Nelle claims hormones caused her to lose her mind and Martin says he has statements from professionals who agree with that assessment. Martin says she still needs to take responsibility for her actions. He warns her to be on her best behavior in front of the board.

Brad has a nightmare that Michael finds out the truth about Wiley and he wakes up screaming. Lucas is worried about him since Wiley is safe from Shiloh now. Brad tells him that he's seeing Neil and was given a prescription. Brad says Neil wants them to do couple's counseling. Lucas agrees if it will get Brad to feel better.

Michael doesn't understand why Sasha didn't implicate Valentin since he recruited her. Sasha says she doesn't want Nina to have more pain. Michael doesn't agree. He thinks Valentin should have consequences. 

Lulu is shocked to see Nina and Valentin back together. Maxie's not surprised, saying Sasha claimed she acted alone and Nina believes her. Lulu says Liesl was in on it and she didn't misunderstand what she heard in the bathroom.

Lulu is certain that Valentin is behind it as well. Maxie accuses her of making it about Valentin because Lulu hates him. Maxie blames Lulu for killing Nina's dreams of having a daughter. Lulu says she has a conscience and questions whether Maxie would have told the truth if she had known. Maxie says she would have kept the secret, which reminds Lulu of the surrogacy mess. Lulu says lies always come to light and the longer the lie goes on, the deeper the pain. 

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Valentin's happy to have Nina back and wants them to go to city hall to get married. Chase arrives and places Sasha under arrest for fraud, identity theft, and burglary. Nina admits to Valentin that she had Sasha arrested because she wants her punished.

Lucas talks to Julian about Brad's issues and how they'll be seeing a therapist.

Michael heads to the station to plead Sasha's case to Chase. Chase says Sasha confessed in front of witnesses, including Jordan. Michael wants Sasha to make a deal to implicate Valentin. 

Michael calls Alexis to defend Sasha. Alexis says she's charged with criminal impersonation, but she'll ask Robert for a reduced charge with no prison time. Alexis wants confirmation that Valentin was involved, but Sasha's not talking.

At the parole hearing, Martin pleads Nelle's case, saying she's been a model inmate. The parole board wants to hear Nelle take responsibility. Nelle says she can't blame the hormones alone and she does take responsibility for her actions. Nelle lays it on thick that she's making up for the pain she caused by helping others. She claims that prison has made her a better person. The parole board deliberates, then decides not to recommend parole at this time. 

Kendra heads to the cemetery to tell Kiefer's grave that she will make Alexis pay for his death. She pours poison into the next container of supplements. 

Alexis calls Nina down to the station and asks her to drop the criminal charges against Sasha. Nina says Sasha knew what she was doing was wrong. She accuses Sasha of lying to her face and letting her fall in love. Nina refuses to drop the charges.

Michael confronts Valentin and says he knows he was the mastermind. Michael says if Valentin doesn't get Nina to back down, he'll make sure Valentin goes to prison with Sasha.