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Michael Strahan's Ex-Wife Asks for a Half-Million Dollars in Lawsuit

Strahan, Sara and Keke co-host Michael Strahan is due to square off with his ex-wife in court. According to TMZ, the former football star owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover their daughters' horseback riding lessons and child support.

Jean Muggli Strahan and Strahan recently have been at odds about child support payments. A Strahan source told TMZ this fall that he didn't owe Jean child support, though a Muggli Strahan source claimed it had to do with certain unmet "obligations." 

Amidst these confusing proceedings, the latest filing states that the Strahans' twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, have incurred $450,802 in equine-related costs since 2017. Because the former spouses reportedly agreed to split the costs, Muggli Strahan is apparently asking for over $200,000 from her ex-husband. 

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She also is asking for $321,654 in back child support he's allegedly owed her since 2010 (adjusted for cost of living). Overall, TMZ tallies the sum Muggli Strahan is asking for at over $500,000.