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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Spies a New Target on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Kim tells Franco that Drew has officially been declared dead. Franco blames himself since Drew was going to Afghanistan on his behalf. Kim reassures him that it wasn't his fault. 

Scott and Liz are prepping Cameron for his testimony. Scott tells him to be spontaneous and unrehearsed, but not to volunteer any information. Scott tells Liz that Kevin will be evaluating Franco's mental state. 

Scott says Martin gave him a list of witnesses, which includes Monica. He says she'll be testifying on Franco's behalf. Liz worries that the Quartermaine name will sway with the judge in Franco's favor. 

Lucas asks Brad where he was all morning. When Brad deflects, Lucas admits he knows Brad was at Nelle's hearing. He wonders why Brad couldn't be honest. Brad says Nelle is a friend and he couldn't' turn his back on her.

Lucas wonders what else Brad isn't telling him. Brad admits that he's terrified of messing up parenthood with Wiley. Lucas reassures him, saying they are a team. 

Julian's worried about Ava, who's looking rough around the edges. She admits she doesn't sleep at night since she sees Kiki in her dreams. She also tells Julian about Ryan's letters. She explains she went to see him to tell him to stop writing to her. 

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Sonny asks Laura if she can talk to the Feds about Sam's case. Laura says it's not her jurisdiction and she can't intervene in a federal case. Laura tells Sonny and Jason to work with the system and follow Diane's advice. 

Jason tells Sonny that Bryce is Andre's attacker and is certain he's also behind Drew's plane crash. 

Sonny tells Julian that Olivia is upset that he hasn't returned her deposit. Sonny says Julian needs to follow through on the sale or give the money back. (I despise Sonny with the heat of a thousand suns, but I have to agree with him here. Olivia doesn't get the bar and doesn't get her money back, while Julian gets the bar and her money. That ain't right. Just saying.)

Kevin talks with Franco to assess him for the hearing. Franco says he can't be who Liz wants him to be. Kevin says Drew died in a plane crash and Franco can't be him. Kevin reminds Franco that he voluntarily took Cameron's place and told Liz he'd be back. Franco says he cares about Liz and the boys, but won't sacrifice himself to undo the process. 

Laura runs into Ava who complains about seeing Kiki in her dreams. Laura offers to listen, but Ava snarks her out. Later, Ava apologizes to Laura. Someone is watching them. 

Cameron tells Kim not to take Franco away from them because it won't bring Oscar back. He says he cares about Franco and wants more time with him.

Jason heads over to Pentonville to talk to Bryce. He says if Bryce gives up his boss' name, he'll get him a deal. Jason brings up Peter's name and Bryce reacts to it. Bryce says he'll talk to his lawyer. (Ooh, I predict Peter's going to have Bryce killed in prison.)

Bryce heads back to his cell, with his roommate Ryan. Bryce makes sexist comments about Ava's photo on Ryan's wall. (Ooh, I was wrong, Ryan's going to be doing the killing.)