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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Looks for Answers on General Hospital

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Curtis Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Donnell Turner

Ryan kills Bryce with his pen. 

Ava tells Laura not to be concerned about her. Laura says Ava is a strong woman, but she needs help. Laura adds that she understands what it's like to lose a child and how grief can drown you. Laura tells Ava not to isolate herself, but to share the pain

Michael talks to Carly and Sonny. He explains what happened at Nina's wedding and how Sasha isn't her daughter. Carly is upset when Michael admits that he didn't walked away from Sasha and he's known the truth for weeks. Michael says Sasha's honesty would come into question at Cassandra's trial, so he convinced her not to tell Nina.

Carly compares this to Nelle, saying his relationship is based on a lie. Michael says it's different because Sasha never asked him for anything. 

Curtis feels responsible for bringing Sasha to town and hurting Nina. He wonders how she pulled it off, but Jordan says she has bigger crimes to solve.

Jason tells Sam and Alexis about Bryce. Jason says he's behind Andre's stabbing and likely Drew's plane crash. Sam tells Alexis they believe Peter is the mastermind, but there is no evidence. Jason says Bryce was willing to talk in exchange for a deal with the Feds. 

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Lucas and Brad talk to Julian about couples therapy with Neil. Julian mentions that he's Alexis' boyfriend and doesn't think it's a good idea. He points out that Wiley's adoption information could come up in therapy, but Brad doesn't seem concerned. After Lucas leaves, Julian tells Brad to fire Neil, but Brad refuses. The two argue before Brad storms off.

Chase updates Jordan that Bryce's wounds seem self-inflicted, but he believes Ryan did it. Chase takes a dig at Ava's Crimson photo and Ryan reacts. 

Curtis spots Lucas reading about therapy. He tells him about his own experience with Jordan and Stella, and how it took time to work. When Brad arrives, Curtis wants to discuss how Sasha could have tampered with the DNA results. 

Brad thinks Curtis is blaming him and gets defensive, but Curtis says he's only looking for information. Curtis wants them to redo the DNA test and see what results come back. Brad receives flowers from an unknown source. (Julian trying to mess with him?)

Jordan calls Laura to tell her that Ryan has killed again. Laura has Julian come to be with Ava. Ava gets upset when she hears that Ryan has killed again, and believes he did it for her. She's worried that he'll get out of prison and come to find her. Julian reassures her. 

Jordan tells Sam that it's time for her to go to Pentonville. Jason says he brokered a deal with Bryce. Jordan points out that he doesn't have the authority. Jason swears Bryce will give up the true identity of his boss. Jordan says Ryan killed Bryce. 

Jason tells Alexis that she needs to get Sam remanded to county lockup because anything can happen to her at Pentonville.

Sam gets locked up.