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Whoopi Goldberg to PETA: "Go Eat A Couch If You Want"

Whoopi Goldberg

No, this isn't a typo or an early April Fool's day joke. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, otherwise known as PETA, was not liking Whoopi Goldberg's love for bacon. 

A few weeks ago, the EGOT winner was not thrilled by her The View co-host Sunny Hostin trying to push vegan meat onto her co-hosts. Goldberg strongly but jokingly let Hostin know she wants the real bacon, not some substitute for it, and it is her choice to have it. Seems harmless enough, right? 

Well, PETA wasn't laughing and came for Goldberg guns blazing, ripping her on Twitter by posting a video of a squealing pig lying on its side. PETA stated,

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Last week, Goldberg clapped back at the organization and let them know she's no vegan; if she wants to eat bacon, so be it, and she's not forcing anyone to do so. If they don't like it, eat a couch! Goldberg replied,

Soon afterwards, PETA responded by saying animals don't get a choice in the matter and urged her to make the choice not to cause their suffering. PETA tweeted, 

So far, Goldberg hasn't responded.