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Perkie's Observations: Felicia Turns to Robert For Help With Anna on General Hospital

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Robert Scorpio, General Hospital

Tristan Rogers, Kristina Wagner

Felicia tells Robert that Anna has a new lead on Alex and won't be home anytime soon. She wants Robert to do something, but he says he no longer has any say in WSB missions. Felicia's worried that the separation with Anna will cause a strain with Finn. 

Robert says he can't interfere in Anna and Finn's relationship. Felicia says she's been in Finn's shoes with her marriage to Frisco. She says the strain destroyed their marriage. Felicia worries that Finn will find someone else, like Hayden, if Anna stays away too long. 

Finn asks Curtis what he knows about Hayden's last disappearance. Curtis admits Hayden acted cagey. Finn believes Hayden left the goodbye letter for Curtis to find to stop him from finding "them". Curtis asks if Finn believes his child is alive. 

Hayden checks in with Liz on how she's coping while waiting for Franco's hearing. Liz says she's keeping it together for the boys. Hayden praises Liz's mothering skills, so Liz asks if Hayden would want to try again. Hayden says the one man she wants a child with is unavailable. 

Jax is surprised to find Nina back at work, but is not amused to see Nina is back with Valentin. Nina admits they're back together and insists Valentin is not lying. Jax doesn't believe Sasha pulled this off on her own. Nina says she had help from Madeline's lawyer. Valentin insists Sasha acted alone. When Nina briefly leaves them alone, Valentin says he's grateful for Jax's support, but he needs to back off. Later, Jax tells Nina that he's there for her if things go sideways again.

Lucas wants to know who the flowers are from, but Brad swears he doesn't have a secret admirer. Lucas tells him to call the florist, but when Brad does, he gets no answers.

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Julian brings Ava to GH and tells Lucas that she fainted. Ava feels Julian is overreacting, but Lucas sets her up on an IV and runs a few tests. Ava says she got upset when she heard that Ryan had killed again in her name. She also says she feels someone is watching her. 

Julian spots the flowers. Brad says he thinks they're from Nelle to thank him for going to the parole hearing. Julian believes they're a romantic gesture and accuses Brad of having a side piece. Brad swears he's not cheating on Lucas.

Lucas has Neil come by to see Ava and asks about her drinking. Ava says again that she feels like she's being watched, but she's not having a breakdown. Ava says she has every right to feel pain that Ryan killed in her name again. 

Neil reminds Lucas and Brad that they have a joint session tomorrow. Brad says Lucas won't be attending since he's too busy, but Lucas disagrees and promises to make the time to be there. 

Michael and Sasha run into Carly, who wants a private chat with Sasha. She calls Sasha a con artist who took advantage of Michael for his money. Sasha denies being after any money and says she told Michael everything. She believes it's a testament to Carly and how she raised Michael that he stuck by her.

Carly mentions fraud charges and Sasha says it's in Nina's hands. She says she'll handle it and promises not to drag Michael into it further. Sasha brings up Nelle, but Carly admits she's nothing like her. Carly says she and Sasha have a lot in common and explains about trying to destroy Bobbie when she came to town. Carly says they all make mistakes and now must grow from them. Sasha is thrilled when Carly gives her a second chance. 

Julian takes Ava home and offers to stay the night with her. Ava says she needs to process and deal with what she knows and move past it. After Julian leaves, Ava takes another drink then sleeps on the couch with her gun.