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Jeff Branson Speaks on New NASA Drama Series for AppleTV+

Jeff Branson (ex-Ronan, The Young and the Restless; ex-Jonathan, All My Children; ex-Shayne, Guiding Light) is blasting off into outer space. He will play astronaut Neil Armstrong in AppleTV+'s new sci-fi drama, For All Mankind, premiering on November 1.

In For All Mankind, NASA and the Soviet space program face off in the 1970s. In this alternate version of history, America lost the Great Space Race, and tensions escalate between the two rival nations. The show focuses on the lives of astronauts, engineers, and people in their lives.

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As Armstrong, Branson plays a major role in the streaming series. On acting in such a dynamic production environment , he told MEA WorldWide:

"What we had going on in the Sony lot in Culver City was incredible — that was commitment[...]When you walked in and saw the commitment of the pre-production, you knew that you were in the right hands."

A few other primetime soap alums - including Shantel VanSanten (ex-Quinn, One Tree Hill), and Rebecca Wisocky (ex-Evelyn, Devious Maids) - will appear, along with TV regulars such as Joel Kinnaman. For All Mankind has already been renewed for season 2.