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WATCH: Tamron Hall Surprises Tyler Perry with Special Guests

The Sheppard family, Tyler Perry, and Tamron Hall

The Sheppard family, Tyler Perry, and Tamron Hall

In 2017, movie/TV mogul Tyler Perry furnished a new house and paid tuition and rent for the Sheppard family. The three sisters and their mother had fallen on dire circumstances after tragedy struck. On October 22, Tamron Hall surprised the big- and small-screen titan with that very family.

Perry was thrilled to see talented runners Tai, Rainn, and Brooke Sheppard, plus their mom, Tonia, whose story he'd first read in Sports Illustrated Kids. An emotional Perry told Hall and the Sheppards:

"I wanted to help because I saw you and I saw in your eyes, I still see it in your eyes, the pain of it all, the struggle of it all, but also I saw the love and the hope. You carry such a light and I saw your girls and I thought ‘Oh my god, what can I do?’”

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Perry also appeared on the show to chat about the recent opening of his Atlanta, Georgia, studio; he recently made history as the first African-American person to outright own  their own studio. He paid homage to the trailblazers of Black Hollywood with the star-studded guest list (including Hall herself) and his mission.

Watch Perry reunite with the Sheppard family below.