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Constance Towers Speaks on Her Iconic Career, Featured in New Rita Hayworth Doc

Constance Towers

General Hospital's Helena Cassadine might be gone from our screens, but her most frequent portrayer, Constance Towers, is still shining brightly. She recently spoke out about working with acting legends like Yul Brynner and Rita Hayworth. In fact, Towers will be a featured interviewee, alongside the likes of Robert Wagner and Edward James Olmos, in an upcoming Hayworth documentary.

In a recent interview with Classic Film and TV Café, Towers spoke about her esteemed career in Hollywood. Of working with Brynner in a 1970s stage production of The King & I, she recalled:

"I probably did more of The Sound of Music around the country for Mr. Rodgers than I did The King and I. Anyway, when they were casting The King and I revival with Yul Brynner, Mr. Rodgers called and asked if I would play Mrs. Anna and, of course, I said yes."

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Going from portraying Anna to Helena Cassadine was a true about-face. Towers said:

"It's very interesting. When I first took the role, I thought: 'Oh, what have I just done?' This is the villain of all villainesses and people hate the villain. I always played characters who were as pure as driven snow. Maybe they ended up on Perry Mason as the one who did it, but the least suspected of all characters. Suddenly, here was a character who was a magic marker villainess, over-the-top evil, and the richest woman in the world. Other actors didn't want to have a scene with me, because when I left their office, they were dead!"