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Perkie's Observations: Franco's Hearing Starts on General Hospital

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Franco, General Hospital

Tamara Braun, Roger Howarth

Hayden tells Finn their daughter is sick. Finn is shocked when he is introduced to Violet. He tells Hayden that he'll get the head of pediatrics to check her out since there are rules against treating family.

Finn wants details on Violet's last few weeks, including playdates, daycare, and her nanny's schedule. Hayden wonders if Violet could be sick like Sasha was, but Finn doesn't think so. He wants to know why this is the first time he's meeting his daughter. 

At Franco's hearing, Liz doesn't think it's right that he's wearing Drew's uniform, but Martin defends it. The judge addresses the court, explaining that it's a hearing to determine competency. 

Scott's opening statement is that Franco is not Drew and it's a lie to wear the uniform. In Martin's opening, he counters that this is who Franco is now, and he's capable of making his own decisions. 

Donna is released from the hospital and taken home. Bobbie checks in with Carly, who reassures her mother that she's prepared to face the baby's future. 

Michael explains to Joss that he's giving Donna the sippy cup he bought for Jonah so their tradition can carry on. Joss can't believe how Michael gets through his grief. Michael says it helps to be around people who love him.

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Joss mentions she wrote about this day in her journal. Carly asks about the journal, but Joss says it makes her happy to do it. Avery arrives to meet her sister. 

Jason tells Danny that Sam will be away for awhile, but doesn't know for how long. He says someone lied about her and he will prove it. 

Monica arrives and talks to Jason about losing Drew. Monica says she wants to know about Drew's childhood, but Jason doesn't think it's a good idea for her to have a relationship with Franco. Monica says it isn't Franco anymore and she wants to speak at his hearing. Monica says she wants to know who FrankenDrew is today and going forward. Jason points out that he is not Drew nor Alan's biological son. He believes this is a bad idea and that Monica will get hurt. 

At the courthouse, Scott shows the judge Franco's passport, and all his other identification, as well as the lab results that prove he is Franco. Martin doesn't dispute this evidence, but does counter that Franco no longer exists. (Really, cuz he's sitting right there. He can believe he's Santa if he wants, but it doesn't make him an old man with a beard at the North Pole.)

Jordan takes the stand (still not sure I understood the logic behind that) and testifies that Franco is the bravest hero for helping to unmask Ryan and giving himself up for Cameron.

Cameron takes the stand and testifies he didn't like Franco at first, but eventually came to like him. Cameron mentions that Franco's last words were his love for Liz and how he would be back. Martin tries to make it seem as though Cameron would lie to make things up to Liz. Franco stands up for Cameron, telling Martin to back off. Franco tells Cameron he doesn't remember that night, but knows it wasn't Cameron's fault. 

Liz takes the stand and testifies that all she wants is her family back. She says she made vows on her wedding day to stand by Franco and she plans on keeping those vows. Martin brings up that she did something similar to Jake Doe when she thought he was Jason. Scott tries to object, but Martin pushes and Liz admits that she withheld Jake's identity from him. 

Jason gets a call that he has to testify.