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WATCH: Marie Osmond Reveals Her Daughter Once Lived In a Car

Marie Osmond, The Talk

Marie Osmond

Legendary singer and actress Marie Osmond was frank about her stance on enacting tough love on children. On Wednesday, the newest member of The Talk opened up about how she gave one of her kids a bit of tough love.

Osmond admitted she was a bit of an enabler to her kids. She claimed she had to be firm with one of her daughters in order for her to learn how to be self-sufficient, which resulted in her living in a car. Osmond stated,

I know that I enabled my older children a little bit. My children are all very hard workers, but it’s easier to teach them when they are young, then when they are older. For example, my one daughter was just struggling and she just couldn’t quite get it together and I would help her and help her. And I know this sounds terrible, but there was one point where she called me after multiple times [helping her], and she’s like said, ‘mom’ and I said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not going to help you.’ And I knew she would end up living in her car.” And adds, “She said today it was one of the hardest times of her life. I cried. But I knew if I didn’t reboot her that she’d be that way her whole life… our job as parents is to teach them to take of themselves, but to be there when they need it.

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