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Perkie's Observations: Helena's Painting Turns Up in Port Charles on General Hospital

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Helena Cassadine, General Hosptial

Finn's angry with Hayden and demands to know why she didn't tell him about Violet. Hayden reminds him that her life was upside down at the time and she was considered a fugitive. She says she didn't want to bring him down with her. 

Hayden says when she did contact Finn to meet her in Rome, he had moved on with Anna and she didn't want to wreck things. Finn says it should have been his decision and he wants to get to know his daughter. 

At the courthouse, Martin pushes Liz about denying Jake Doe's identity. Liz admits it, but adds this is not the same since this man is not Drew Cain. Liz says Kim wants to hang onto Franco as Drew, but she needs to let him go back to being Franco. 

Trina stops by the gallery to ask Ava for work as an intern one afternoon a week. Ava wants someone with more experience. Dev shows up and tells Ava that he has a painting he wants to sell her.

It turns out the painting is the one of Helena that Valentin threw away. Ava recognizes it and doesn't want anything to do with it. Trina talks about the art of the painting. Ava changes her mind and pays Dev $100 for it. 

Ava realizes that the painter was Jay Garrett, who likes to leave clues in his paintings. She thanks Trina for convincing her to buy the painting and hires her. 

Laura and Curtis update Jax on the latest with the codicil. Laura says the answers were in the painting which Valentin threw away. She explains how the constellation points to Spoon Island. 

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Curtis looks up the artist of the painting. He discovers it's Jay Garrett and also finds out he hides clues in his paintings. Laura wonders if there is something hidden under the painting and Curtis decides they need to find it. (Psst, it's across the street at Ava's gallery!)

Jax stops by to give Donna a necklace like the one his mother gave Joss when she was born. Dev shows up with 2 big boxes. He says they are chocolates and he's planning to resell them to the kids at school.

Jax is worried about this, but Sonny sticks up for Dev. After Jax leaves, Sonny tells Dev it's not a good idea because it will bring unwanted attention.

Back at the courthouse, Monica testifies that she believes DNA doesn't define a person and neurologically, this man is Drew Cain. She accepts him as her family.

Jason takes the stand and when Martin asks about why he went to see Franco, Jason admits he needed answers that only Drew would know. Jason believes Franco should be allowed to speak for himself.

In the hallway, Cameron confronts Jason about his testimony, but Jason says he had to answer truthfully.

Kim takes the stand and testifies that this "Drew" remembers their past the way the real Drew couldn't. She says Liz needs to accept that Franco is gone.

Scott asks if Cameron's memories had been implanted in Oscar, would she fight for her son, but Kim has no answer. Scott asks why Drew's life is worth fighting for, but Franco's isn't. 

Scott asks Kim how far she would go to get over her grief from Oscar's death. He asks if Kim drugged Drew to have sex with him against his will.