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Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful's Rome Flynn Reveals What Viola Davis Taught Him on HTGAWM

Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn

Former The Bold and the Beautiful actor Rome Flynn (ex-Zende) keeps adding to his acting expertise. Sure, the How To Get Away With Murder star has a Daytime Emmy Award, and has starred in prime time shows, but that hasn't stopped him from learning and growing from his experiences.

In an interview with BackstageFlynn explains what it was like working with his HTGAWM co-star Oscar winner Viola Davis and what it has added to his craft.

Flynn stated,

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It’s an actor’s dream to be able to work across someone who’s as established as she is. And the fact that her personality matches her talent, it paints the picture for me that I can someday have that kind of longevity that she has. It’s seeing how she digests things and being a fly on the wall, even when I’m in a scene with her. It’s hard to step back and say, “Wow, look at who I’m across from,” because you want to make sure you bring it, especially working with Viola. She just has stage presence, screen presence. She’s very generous, also. I learned a lot: How she digests the script and her process on tackling these scenes has helped me tremendously. I’ve done other films since being on the show, and…once you work with somebody that good and you can hold your own, you feel like you can make it anywhere.