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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Presents a Problem for Scott on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Valentin's annoyed when Nina receives a bottle of champagne from Spencer, who doesn't know they're back together. Nina promises to return the bottle, but when Valentin leaves, she keeps it.

Laura tells Kevin that Jay Garrett passed away a few years ago, but she's still determined to find the painting and look for the clues.

Lulu stops by to see Dustin and tells him that ValNina are back together. She says she's not letting this go. Dustin asks her to join him as a chaperone at the Halloween dance.

Jason and Diane pay Sam a visit at Pentonville. She says she misses her kids and wants out. Sam asks Diane what her chances are. Diane suggests they go with a bench trial, which will be quicker. Sam agrees. 

Peter's preoccupied with Franco's hearing, which annoys Maxie. Lucy shows up and says the condo Peter wanted is now available. Maxie's ready to jump on it, but Peter backs off. 

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At the courthouse, Scott continues to push Kim, who admits that she drugged Drew against his will. Kim blames it on her grief.

Franco takes the stand. Martin asks a few questions that Franco has no trouble answering, including his time in Afghanistan in July 2010. Martin declares this means that Franco is aware enough to make his own decisions.f

The date triggers a memory for Liz. Scott finds the information online and finds out that Franco was in Los Angeles in July 2010. He was undergoing police questioning for two murders. Franco has no memory of that. Scott says this proves Franco is not competent.

Valentin stops by the gallery to tell Ava he wants to commission a family portrait. Ava is angry that Nina took him back and storms off. Ava heads to Crimson to confront Nina. Ava says there is no way that Sasha acted alone and says Valentin is obsessed with her. Nina disagrees and says Ava is projecting her feelings for Ryan. Nina says she's nobody's fool.

Valentin runs into Laura and complains about Spencer taunting him with the champagne. He warns that if it continues he will have to deal with it.

Kevin takes the stand and Scott thinks it's a slam dunk. But, Kevin says Franco has complete control of his faculties. Kevin testifies that Franco meets the legal standards to make his own medical decisions.

The judge returns with her decision.