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Heather Tom Discusses Kidney Storyline on B&B and Katie vs. Flo

Heather Tom

Heather Tom (Katie) delivered a show-stopping performance on The Bold and the Beautiful during her character's recent kidney transplant. But the actress has also been raising awareness for kidney issues, dialysis, and surgical possibilities.

She told that Katie's heart transplant required the character to be on anti-rejection drugs. "That put a strain on her kidneys," Tom said. She did her research and also filmed a PSA for the National Kidney Foundation, encouraging viewers to opt to donate their organs. 

Tom noted:

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“Having a live donor is actually more beneficial than having a deceased donor. Everyone should donate their organs. I know that for me, if anything happens to me, just take whatever you want because I’m not using it anymore. So, I think everyone should be an organ donor, but if you have the opportunity and the will to do something like give a kidney to somebody and be a live donor, that’s just amazing and a step above anything else.”

Katie received her kidney from her brand-new niece Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden), who, of course, is the daughter of her heart donor/big brother, Storm (William deVry). But Flo keeping baby Beth from Hope (Annika Noelle) caused an estrangement that the kidney donation might heal.

Tom reflected:

"Katie did not know that it was Flo until it was actually too late for her to say anything. I guess when you’re faced with like, 'Okay, if I don’t take this from this person, I’m going to die,'  that changes the equation sometimes. But I think Katie also is a proud, stubborn person sometimes, so it might have been something that she would’ve had to have been convinced of. But I think, ultimately, the only thing she could feel at that point would be gratitude because basically Flo gave her, her life back and her life with her son back."