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One Life to Live Fan Fave Scott Evans Stars in A New Romantic Comedy, Sell By

Scott Evans (ex-Oliver Fish, One Life to Live) was half of "Kish," one of OLTL's biggest couples in its last few years, along with Brett Claywell (ex-Kyle). Since then, the actor has gone from strength to strength, now starring in the LGBTQ+ comedy Sell By, in theaters now.

Sell By examines a failing relationship between Adam, played by Evans, and Marklin, played by The Borgias' Augustus Prew. Evans told Project Q of the film's relationship conflicts:

"There were some things that I would read in the script where I hated that I related to him so much. I just know so many couples who tell me this is real thing. What I’ve heard from a lot people, whether you’re gay, straight, whatever you are, you find something to relate to this.”

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Evans' brother, action star Chris Evans, attended the film's NYC premiere alongside his sibling. Scott excitedly told Us Weekly:

"“It was funny because I’ve gone to so many premieres and things for him and he’s never really been in town or not working where he’s been able to come to mine. And I just randomly was like, ‘Oh, will you be able to make it to New York for this?’ And he was like, ‘Sure! Yeah!’ I was like, ‘Oh really? You’re coming!’”

Sell By has received glowing reviews. Film Snob Reviews enthused, "This is one of the year’s funniest and most wonderful pieces of comedy." The Hollywood Reporter raved:

"It’s rare to see an ensemble film where the cast feels like it has no weak links, but [director Mike] Doyle has assembled a group of fine actors with buoyant onscreen chemistry across the board, and this grounds the movie from the start."