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Icelandic Artist to Recreate Santa Barbara in a Russian Museum

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Fans of Santa Barbara can check out a new interpretation of the sudser, but not in Burbank California. Artist Ragnar Kjartansson will refilm episodes of the former NBC soap - and screen them - in GES-2, a new arts complex in Moscow, Russia. Actors will also re-enact Santa Barbara scenes each da during the exhibit, starting September 2020.

Icelandic Kjartansson enjoys playing with the dramatic material provided by the Capwells and co. Russia has long had a preoccupation with the show. He told The Art Newspaper:

"It was the first American soap to be shown in Russia. Russians were reading poetry to each other and then suddenly Santa Barbara arrived and everything changed. It’s an emotional mass, a sculpture. We’re constantly acting out scenes with people saying things like ‘You have betrayed me!’”

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 The foundation behind GES2 said in a statement:

"This is a love [from the Russian public] that demonstrates how the powerful mechanisms of drama—the same that the artist manipulates in his work—can affect reality, how fiction and art can affect the world.”

A former power plant-turned-arts complex, GES-2 is around the corner from the Kremlin. Perhaps Vladimir Putin will pop by and take up the role of Mason Capwell?