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Mishael Morgan Discusses Y&R Return and Makes Us Wonder: Who is Amanda Sinclair?


The Young and the Restless' Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair) has made a splash on her return to the canvas after her Emmy-nominated portrayal of Hilary Curtis Hamilton. Morgan spoke to Michael Fairman about her return to the CBS set, Katherine (Jeanne Cooper)'s will, Amanda's identity, and dating in Genoa City.

Morgan is playing her cards close to the vest about the mysterious lawyer's backstory. She came to town to dispute the Chancellor will and Devon (Bryton James)'s inheritance, but at whose behest? And how is she different from Hilary? Morgan teased:

"I’ve gotten little hints, and I kind of know where we are going, but I still don’t know the whole back-story of Amanda. I’m still trying to figure her out. If she’d been the polar opposite of Hilary, I think it might have been easier, but if you read her description, she’s very much like Hilary: A-type, strong, driven, all of those things. Hilary had this very malicious, unscrupulous side to her, but I don’t know if Amanda has that."

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Of course, Morgan is excited to play opposite James again, but she's also looking forward to exploring more romantic partners with her new character. She confessed:

"I would like to see that just because it would be something that kind of defines her as her own kind of person with her own journey and her own likes and her own dislikes. I even feel that if she just ends up with Devon, it would be kind of weird. We don’t know if Hilary and Amanda are related, but if they are related somehow, you would not have the same experiences, you would not have the same connections as this person." 

Will she square off with Devon's current love, Elena (Brytni Sarpy)? Who will Amanda be paired with: perhaps an Abbott, Newman, Hastings, or Chancellor? Tell us in the comments!