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Perkie's Observations: Scott Delivers a Clear Message to Kevin on General Hospital

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Scott Baldwin, General Hospital

Kin Shriner

The judge rules that Franco has the mental capacity to make his own decisions and rules in his favor. She says Liz's power of attorney is voided and Franco is to be released immediately. 

Sonny tells Laura that Scott reached out to him regarding Franco. Laura says Scott is scared for his son and maybe Sonny can find some compassion. Sonny promises to try for Laura's sake. (Gee Sonny, don't hurt yourself trying to be a decent human being.)

Chase runs into Michael at the gym and the two have a friendly sparring match while discussing their love lives.

Julian's annoyed to find Willow with Wiley, but she says she's babysitting for Brucas. Julian's even more annoyed to find out that Brucas are having a session with Neil. Julian says Brad has been acting erratic lately and he doesn't believe in telling all their woes to a shrink. 

Alexis meets with Kendra, who praises her for the work she's been doing in getting herself in shape. Kendra mentions losing her brother too young, so Alexis offers her condolences. Sonny stops by so, Kendra gives them privacy.

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Alexis and Sonny discuss Sam's situation and how Alexis is worried about her, while Kendra eavesdrops. Later, Kendra switches the protein powder and gives Alexis a new one. 

In therapy, Lucas complains to Neil that Brad has been keeping something from him. He mentions the flowers and the friendship with Nelle. He says he feels betrayed, but Brad says everything he does is for his family. Brad questions whether Lucas thinks he's reverting back to his old ways. Lucas counters that he believes Brad has lost faith in him. Neil believes this is progress. 

At the courthouse, Cameron yells at Kim and Franco for causing his mother pain. Kevin says they had to tell the truth, which angers Scott. Scott punches Kevin in the face as Laura arrives. Laura warns Scott to back off. 

Franco declares that this is how things are now and they all need to accept it. Cameron runs off and Trina goes after him. Cameron heads to the gym and takes out his anger on the punching bag. Trina is there to console him. Liz tells Franco he needs to say goodbye to his family before leaving. Laura offers to be there for Liz. 

Brucas head to the pub. Brad mentions to Julian how Liesl is constantly sending him annoying texts. Julian convinces Brad to change his phone password. When Brad walks away to talk to Willow, Julian convinces Lucas to use Brad's phone to video Wiley. Lucas is surprised to see that Brad changed his password and wonders why. 

Franco's not sure what to do with the life he's been granted. Kim says they'll go away and figure it out together. Franco is surprised that she wants to leave town. Kim says she has nothing left here for her. 

Scott shows up the gym and tells Sonny he's there to collect.