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Perkie's Observations: Kim Begs Franco to Leave With Her on General Hospital

Tamara Braun, Roger Howarth

Tamara Braun, Roger Howarth

Scott tells Sonny how Kevin's testimony tanked his case and he wants his help with Franco. Scott wants Franco taken so that Andre can do the procedure. Sonny points out that it's kidnapping, which is a major felony. Sonny asks if there are any guarantees to Andre's procedure, but Scott feels like something needs to be done. Sonny's not jumping at it, so Scott gets angry and storms off. 

Kim says there is nothing stopping them from leaving and picking up where they left off. She says Franco doesn't owe Liz anything. Franco says he wants to spend his life with Kim, but she needs to heal from Oscar's death. 

Kim worries that her testimony might be what's holding Franco back. She swears she wasn't well at the time (unlike how stellar she is now!). She's angry with Julian for telling Scott and begs Franco not to let this break them apart. 

Kim points out that she hasn't been reinstated at the hospital and likely won't be after her testimony. She asks what Franco will do for work because none of this is normal. Franco thinks they need to stay in PC until she heals. Kim is not happy and she storms off.

Neil drops by Alexis' for a food date. Jason shows up to discuss Sam. He tells Alexis that Sam went with a bench trial. Alexis is upset by this, even though Jason says it's what Diane suggested.

After Jason leaves, Neil gets concerned when Alexis gets lightheaded. He believes she's overdoing it with the healthy training. Neil leaves when Alexis says she's not feeling well. 

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Kendra dumps the poison protein shake into Julian's dumpster. Cameron comes home from the gym and admits to Liz that he feels responsible for getting Franco into this mess in the first place. Liz reassures him and says blaming himself won't change anything. 

Jason goes to see Liz. He tells Cameron that he wanted to check in with Jake. Cameron says his brothers don't know the verdict yet. Cameron doesn't want Jason around when Jake is told. He says all Jake wanted was for Jason to get along with Franco and he couldn't be bothered. Cameron blames Jason's testimony for helping the judge come to her decision. Liz says it's not Jason's fault, but Cameron says Jason just wanted to get rid of Franco. Liz tells Jason that he should stay away and she'll deal with her boys as a family. 

Maxie's pissed at Peter, who's preoccupied waiting for the verdict. He claims it's because he wants the scoop. Peter is thrilled when the verdict comes out that Franco won. Maxie however, points out how this will devastate Liz, Scott, and the kids. She tells Peter to make sure his reporters respect them, which he promises to do. 

Peter decides that it's time for them to move forward together. Maxie questions the whiplash, since just yesterday he was all about slowing things down. Peter says she's changed his life and he wants to put his past behind him. 

Bobbie stops by Liz's looking for Scott. Liz tells her about the verdict, so Bobbie heads out to find him. Bobbie finds Scott at the pub. He admits he thought he could win. Scott tells her that he went to Sonny to grab Franco, but Sonny turned him down. Scott doesn't see any other way to help Franco, but Bobbie tells him not to give up.

Kim heads to the pub where she smacks Julian across the face. She says he betrayed her to Scott, who used the information against her. (Why would she think Julian would have any loyalty to her?) 

Julian says he did it so Kim could get the help she needs. Julian says she's chasing a ghost, a man that isn't real. Kim says Julian went behind her back, but they won despite him. 

Franco shows up at the gym needing the punching bag, and runs into Sonny. Sonny tells him that Scott asked for his help. Sonny holds the bag while Franco gets out his frustrations.