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Wendy Williams Says Kathy Griffin Needs to Take Responsibility for Her Actions

How you doin', Kathy Griffin? On an October episode, Wendy Williams took the comedian to task for mentioning her recent lack of work. A recent guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Griffin criticized a male KTLA host when she discussed not being able to get hired after her "Trump head" picture. Griffin fired back when an anchor dismissed how sexism and age-ism in comedy have affected her job prospects. Williams.

But Wendy didn't agree with her response. Per Yahoo!, Wendy said:

“What I think Kathy is not reckoning in her own mind is — and Kathy, I told you this behind the scenes and maybe in front of the scenes — you went too far with the bloody Trump head. You went too far with that."

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She encouraged Kathy to "keep going" while asking Griffin to acknowledge the role her stunt played in her employment issues. 

"But you’ve got to take some blame for the things that have happened to you. I’m sorry, Kathy. That’s the way I feel.”