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Jezebel Can't Get Enough of Dark Shadows This Halloween

Dark Shadows

This Halloween, pop culture writer Kelly Faircloth of Jezebel is sharing her love for vampiric soap opera Dark Shadows

Faircloth shared how she got into supernatural dramas in the '00s, after "after spending entirely too much of high school reading every paranormal romance series available." 

Recently, she's dived back into the soapy world of ABC soap Dark Shadows. This has Faircloth to reflect on how the paranormal ties into teenage soap opera (paging the ghost of James E. Reilly!). Basically, Dark Shadows helped inspire the CW's entire lineup today (and a sequel might be headed to the network).

She reflected:

"The show found its ideal constituency in the form of the young people who were getting home around the same time it was airing, in addition to the housewives who wanted something a little offbeat—making it, yes, essentially the Riverdale of its day. This makes Dark Shadows an important, visible link between two pop cultural traditions, gothic romance and vampire romance, which are clearly thematically linked."

But there's something about this Gothic romance-meets-daytime sudser that she finds irresistible. Faircloth added:

"The weirdly time-distorting pacing of the soap opera is particularly effective in a show about the paranormal. The episodes are only 20 minutes long, so they whizz by, but the plot advances at a glacial pace, and there are generally two going at any given time. So it’s simultaneously undemanding and riveting." 

Go get your gore on by streaming Dark Shadows on Amazon Prime.