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Perkie's Observations: Molly Rescues Alexis From Her Poison Protein Pass-out on General Hospital

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Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Haley Pullos, Nancy Lee Grahn

Nina is not happy to see Sasha with Michael at the Metro Court Halloween costume party. She tells Michael that Robert has asked her to testify against Cassandra. Nina says Sasha is now considered unreliable. Nina feels Sasha will be responsible if Cassandra goes free. Michael reassures Sasha. 

Laura tells Jax she thinks the codicil is part of the portrait. Laura is certain that Helena wanted to neutralize Valentin by giving Nikolas the painting. Valentin overhears Laura telling Jax that he disposed of the painting. Valentin wonders why Laura is so obsessed with the portrait. Laura says it was left to Nikolas and Spencer, and Valentin had no right to get rid of it. 

Jason stops by Carly's to update her on Sam's case and the bench trial. He mentions that Alexis is having a hard time with the whole thing. Joss appears and is upset she can't find the watch that Oscar gave her. Joss realizes she took it off for a volleyball game and it must have fallen out of her backpack. She's more upset that it took her three days to realize the watch was gone. Later, Carly tells Jason she's worried about Joss because losing the watch will seem like she's betraying Oscar. 

Molly finds Alexis passed out on the couch. It takes Molly several attempts to wake her up. Molly asks if Alexis was drinking, which Alexis denies. She explains she's been sick since the night before. Molly insists they go to the hospital. 

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Hayden finds Finn hanging out with Violet. He tells Hayden that Violet will make a full recovery. Hayden thinks Finn has been amazing through all of this. He still wants to understand why she never told him about Violet. Hayden questions whether Finn wants to be a part of his daughter's life. At that moment Liz walks up, so Finn never answers the question. Liz is surprised to find out about Violet. Hayden apologizes for not telling Liz.

TJ asks Jordan about her engagement ring from his father. Curtis realizes that TJ plans on proposing to Molly. TJ says he's only been thinking about it, but Molly is the person he wants to be with. Jordan is less than thrilled and says while she loves Molly, the two have been together since high school. She feels they need to explore their lives more.

Cameron and Trina head over to pick up Joss for the school dance. Jason's there, so Cameron apologizes for yelling at him. Jason says it doesn't matter what Cameron said on the stand. He claims it was Kevin's testimony that swayed the judge. Jason says Cameron can't change it, but he has to learn to live with it. When no one is watching, Cameron fills his pop bottle with some of Sonny's alcohol.

Molly takes Alexis to the hospital and explains to Finn what happened to her. Finn decides to run a few tests, though he thinks it's just the flu. Finn spots a rash on Alexis' hand that she was unaware of. 

Michael bumps into Ava at the party. When her purse falls, he spots her gun. Michael gets his panties in a bunch about Ava having a gun in his sainted mother's hotel. Ava points out Michael's hypocrisy that both Sonny and Jason have guns on them all the time. She says she can't be too careful with the year she's had. 

Valentin tells Nina he now believes that the portrait is worth more than he thought, thanks to Laura. Ava overhears him.