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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Spreads Liquid Love on General Hospital

Eden McCoy, William Lipton

Eden McCoy, William Lipton

A hot guy with a Cassadine ring, showers, dresses in costume and heads to the Halloween party. He bumps into Laura and makes eye contact with Ava as she's leaving. 

Valentin tells Nina that he's rethinking the value of the painting since it seems to mean something to Laura.

Jordan feels TJ and Molly are too young to think about marriage and kids. She believes they need more life history before settling down together. Curtis however, believes the two are well suited for each other. TJ heads back to the party and updates Jordan and Curtis on Alexis' condition. He wants to make sure his mother is on board with his plans to propose to Molly. Jordan says he's his own man and it's his decision to make. 

Molly runs into Kendra at the party and tells her that Alexis is in the hospital. Molly is certain that it will all work out. 

Sasha tries to make nice with Nina, who's having none of it. Nina tears a strip off of Sasha until Willow comes to Sasha's defense. Nina says it's easy for Willow to judge from the sidelines. Michael also defends Sasha, asking why Nina believes she acted alone. 

Neil shows up at the hospital and offers to stay with Alexis while she waits for Finn's test results. He's glad she wasn't faking the night before. Alexis says she'll welcome another date when she's feeling better. Finn tells Alexis that she doesn't have the flu. 

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Hayden apologizes again to Finn for not telling him about Violet. She asks if he'll be there when the child is discharged. Finn asks what part Hayden wants him to play in his daughter's life. Hayden says Finn can be a friend or a father, whichever he decides. 

At the high school party, Lulu shows up to keep chaperone Dustin company. Cameron shows Joss his bottle of booze, but she reminds him he's still on probation. Cameron just wants to make things smoother for both of them. 

Dev and Trina share a dance and Trina kisses him. Dev pulls back and admits that while he likes Trina, he doesn't like her in that way. Trina asks if he's into someone else, but Dev says he's too busy for romance.

Joss and Cameron get rip roaring drunk on their tiny bottle of booze. When they go back to the party, Trina and Dev both realize they're drunk. Trina takes Joss out to the deck where she promptly throws up overboard. Lulu and Dustin realize that Joss is drunk. (Am I the only one who might have seen something between Dev and Cameron, on Dev's part? Like maybe the reason he's not interested in Trina is because he's interested in Cameron?)

Sam's mysterious cellmate turns out to be none other than Cassandra. Sam says she can't believe Cassandra messed with Michael's girlfriend and lived. Cassandra pulls out a shiv since she's not afraid of Sam. 

Ava heads to the gallery. She wants to inspect the painting a bit more and make calls on how much it could be worth. 

Jax heads to the hospital to check in on Hayden and is glad that she told Finn the truth about Violet. They discuss the painting and how it could have the codicil hidden within it. Jax suddenly remembers Dev telling them last week that he found a painting in a dumpster. The two decide that he likely took it to Ava's gallery to sell. 

The mysterious man shows up at the gallery. Ava pulls a gun and tells him to take off his mask. The man turns out to be . . . Nikolas! (As played by Marcus Coloma. Not sure how I feel about that. I've wanted Nikolas to come back forever, but in the form of Tyler Christopher or Nick Stabile. We shall see how much chemistry there is between them, though Maura West tends to spark with everyone.)