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Perkie's Observations: Laura Calls on Julian to Help Ava on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis, Maura West

Ava is shocked when Nikolas reveals himself. She tells him she watched him die, then promptly passes out. When she comes to, Nikolas is gone.

Trina claims Joss has the flu, but when drunk Cameron stumbles and falls on the deck, Lulu and Dustin call both sets of parents to come and pick up their kids.

Brad tells Carly and Sonny that he went to Nelle's parole hearing. He says he understands her position and has compassion for Nelle. This doesn't sit well with CarSon. Brad then separately apologizes to Carly. Carly says Nelle is a danger to their family. 

Nina continues to snark out Michael and Sasha until Willow stops her again. Sasha pulls Michael aside and is not happy he's trying to throw Valentin under the bus. Sasha says it's her choice to keep quiet about Valentin's part because she doesn't want to hurt Nina more than she has. 

Valentin tries to calm Nina down. He wants her to put this behind them and move on. Nina says she and Charlotte were crushed. Valentin says if this goes to trial, Charlotte will have to testify and he doesn't want to put her through that. Nina tells Sasha that she's decided to drop the charges against her, but she'll never forgive her.

Hayden believes the painting is worth a lot of money. Jax agrees and wants to get it back before Ava sells it. Jax calls Laura to let her know that the painting is likely to be found at the gallery, so Laura offers to head over there. 

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When Laura gets to the gallery, Ava instantly tells her that Nikolas is alive and was there. Laura doesn't believe it, though Ava insists. Ava checks the security footage, but doesn't find Nikolas there. 

Laura says it's wishful thinking to think that Nikolas came back from the dead. Ava says the man was at the Metro Court party. Laura asks why Nikolas wouldn't have come to her if it was him. Laura says Ava needs help. 

Joss gets home and immediately makes the toilet her friend. Carly wonders why Joss didn't come to her if she was hurting. Joss says she just wanted to take the edge off. Carly says Joss will have to face the principal and accept the punishment. 

Liz has no choice but to bring Cameron back to the hospital while she finishes her shift. Hayden tells her to hook him up to an IV to help with the hangover, but Liz wants Cameron to experience it all. Liz tells Cameron they will discuss this in the morning and there will be consequences.

While Brad is out of the room, he gets a text that Lucas sees. Lucas confronts Brad about someone sending him naked photos. Lucas and Brad argue. Lucas accuses Brad of cheating on him, while Brad swears he isn't. It turns out Julian paid the Metro Court bartender to do it. 

Laura calls Julian and the two help Ava check into Shadybrook.

Hayden heads over to Jax's, who tells her that there is an unexpected complication. Nikolas is there. (Looking all fine and yummy. Sorry for the shallow but me likey!!)