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Perkie's Observations: Laura Chats With Sonny on Ava's Behalf on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Maurice Benard

Genie Francis, Maurice Benard

Hayden is not happy to see Nikolas or find out he showed himself to Ava. She tells him he was supposed to stay in hiding. Nikolas counters that he's not happy they brought Laura into their plans. Jax says Laura thinks they're working for Spencer. Nikolas doesn't want Laura or Spencer knowing the truth until Valentin has been neutralized. 

Jax points out it was risky to show himself to Ava. Nikolas says he was going to get the portrait and no one will believe Ava. Jax mentions that Ava checked herself into Shadybrook, but Nikolas isn't upset. He says Ava betrayed him when she recanted her testimony against Valentin. 

Lucas accuses Brad of secrecy and defensiveness, but Brad swears he isn't cheating. Brad offers to text the person back and sends a text asking who it is. 

Julian and Laura discuss Ava at Shadybrook. They think she can now get the help she needs. Julian doesn't understand why Ava suddenly imagined Nikolas. Laura mentions the painting that Ava has and how it could have brought back memories. Julian worries that Sonny will use this against Ava to take full custody of Avery. Laura offers to talk to Sonny. Julian gets the text from Brad and responds.

Jordan and Curtis check in on Nina and how she's holding up. They're not amused to find out she's back with Valentin. Nina defends Valentin, saying Sasha played them both. Curtis is not happy, but promises to be there for her, if needed. (If Nina is truly onto Valentin, which there are signs in CW's mannerisms that would indicate this, why isn't she turning to Curtis for help?)

Liesl's upset that Maxie has been avoiding her and how she hasn't seen James. She swears she only found out about Sasha days before the wedding and chose not to break Nina's heart. Maxie forgives her and offers to have James spend the day with Liesl. 

Sasha's deciding what to do next. Michael wants her to stay and make a life in Port Charles. Liesl interrupts to ask Sasha what she told Nina about her involvement. Sasha says she took all the blame. Liesl mentions switching the DNA results during Sasha's illness. Michael tells her to take it up with whoever helped her. Michael offers Sasha a job at ELQ, but she wants to make it on her own and prove herself. He mentions Lucy's offer at Deception, but Sasha says it feels wrong.

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Lucas checks Brad's phone when he receives a reply, but the response reads that Brad knows who sent the nude photos. This angers Lucas even more. Brad swears up and down that he wouldn't jeopardize their family. 

Liesl sends a text to Brad, warning him to get rid of the any trail that leads to Sasha's DNA results. When Brad refuses to show Lucas that text, Lucas says he's had enough and tells Brad to leave. 

Nikolas explains how he revealed himself to Jax and asked for his help. He offered the Cassadine shipping division to Jax in exchange. Hayden's involvement had to do with her soft spot for Spencer and how she and Nikolas were still legally married at the time of his death.

Liesl approaches Nina and swears she had nothing to do with Sasha's plans. She wants them to get back to where they were. Nina forgives her and agrees to move on. 

Laura visits Sonny to tell him about Ava's situation. She asks him not to take advantage by going for full custody of Avery. Sonny says Ava's not equipped to take care of their daughter. Laura says Ava has suffered a terrible loss and she feels for her. 

Lucas tells Carly that he believes Brad is cheating. He feels that Brad has been keeping secrets for a while. Carly offers to have him and Wiley spend the night.

Brad goes to see Julian to tell him about his fight with Lucas. Julian says it all makes sense and brings up the nude photos. Brad realizes that Julian is the one who has been messing with him. Julian says Brad is spiraling out of control and he wants to protect Lucas. Julian tells Brad he's going to break up with Lucas and leave town or things won't end well for him. 

Liesl tells Valentin about the DNA test that was changed during Sasha's illness. She reminds him that the two samples were from Nina and her mother, which would show a match. Valentin doesn't seem concerned, but Liesl says questions will come up about whose samples they are. Liesl says Valentin has more to lose than she does, as Nina watches from afar. 

Curtis tells Jordan he had the lab run another DNA test on the samples they were given of Sasha and Nina. They are confused by the results but Jordan believes Valentin is behind it.