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WATCH: Sunny Hostin Talks to Tamron Hall About the Courtroom and The View

Sunny Hoston Tamron Hall 2

The View co-host Sunny Hostin stopped by The Tamron Hall Show on Monday, November 4, to discuss her daytime and legal careers. The journalist and former prosecutor discussed the childhood trauma that propelled her into a career in the courtroom.

She told Hall:

"It’s something I don’t talk about a lot, but I thought it was time for me to start talking about it. When I was about seven, I saw my uncle stabbed in front of me. [He was] my father’s only brother and I adored him."

She added:

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"One thing about my uncle that I never quite got over - no one was prosecuted. The police were not really interested and I remember being in law school thinking ‘I want to be a prosecutor. I don’t want to be a defense attorney.'”

Heading from the courtroom to The View has led Hostin to another type of conflict. What about the infamous co-host fights on the show? Hostin said:

We hear all this stuff about cat fights. I hate that word. Listen, we are five women that are strong, and we’re passionate, and we may disagree, like many friends disagree. Like many families disagree. But we do it in front of millions of people, and we do it in the way that we’ve always done it on this show, which is respectful debate. And sometimes it gets a little heated but it doesn’t mean that it’s a cat fight. It's women exchanging ideas and I think we need to do more of that in our country."

Watch Hall and Hostin discuss the latter's career below.