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Perkie's Observations: Franco Tells Liz and Cameron He's Getting Out of Dodge on General Hospital

William Lipton, Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

William Lipton, Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Jax finds Nikolas hanging out on his patio and reminds him that he's supposed to stay out of sight. Nikolas declares he's back to take what was stolen from him. Jax worries that Nikolas will get caught. Nikolas says he wants to go to the gallery to find the portrait. Jax thinks it's a stupid risk. 

Joss runs into Lucas on the patio and wonders why he didn't go home to Brad. The two talk about parents splitting up. Lucas mentions the impact his parents divorce had on him and how he feels they didn't fight hard enough. 

Brad goes to see Julian to ask him not to destroy his family. Julian says he won't let Brad destroy Lucas. Brad says this will devastate Lucas, but Julian says he has family to lean on. Brad mentions Nelle and Liesl, but Julian says he'll deal with them. Julian says Brad needs to leave immediately and tells him Wiley won't remember him. 

Ava has a nightmare about Nikolas being angry with her. Scott and Laura drop by to visit. Ava tells Scott about seeing Nikolas and how she can't trust her own eyes. 

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Franco finds Kim at Oscar's Meadow. She admits she needs help dealing with her grief, but she won't find it in Port Charles. Franco realizes Kim will leave, with or without him. 

Franco stops over to see Liz and Cameron. He tells them he's leaving with Kim tomorrow. Franco admits they don't deserve this. Cameron's upset and storms out. Liz kisses Franco and says he needs to come back like he promised he would. Franco says that man isn't here anymore, he's not the guy she wants him to be. 

Brad finds Lucas and tells him how Julian set him up and that he's the one behind everything. Lucas asks why Julian would do this and Brad admits he did something that Julian is holding over him. Lucas pushes, so Brad admits that he changed Sasha's DNA test for Liesl. When Lucas asks why, Brad lies and says he got anti-anxiety meds from her. Lucas doesn't believe Brad until he pulls out his phone. Brad recorded his conversation with Julian. Lucas doesn't understand why Julian would want to hurt them. Brad says Julian is falling apart after breaking up with Kim. He says they can't let Julian drag them down.

Carly and Jax sit down with Joss for a talk. Carly says Joss should have come to them and that she's disappointed. Jax brings up Joss' kidney transplant and how she needs to be more careful with alcohol. Jax says Joss was irresponsible and it's hard to trust her now. Jax takes away her phone. Carly says she'll be doing her homework downstairs and the lock on her bedroom will be removed. After Joss heads out, Jax tells Carly they need to help Joss deal with her grief. Carly offers to have Joss alternate living with Jax, but Jax remembers he has Nikolas living on his couch and turns her down. 

Liz calls Scott to let him know that Franco is leaving town tomorrow. Franco meets with Scott.

Nikolas is hanging out on Jax's couch when Laura shows up at the front door.