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WATCH: Jane Fonda Discusses Climate Change Activism and Arrests on The View

Jane Fonda is Hollywood royalty, but she isn't content to rest on her many laurels. She appeared on The View on Tuesday to chat with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Abby Huntsman (Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin were AWOL) about her recent arrests at climate change protests.

Asked about her own arrests, octogenarian Fonda said, per Deadline:

"The conditions weren’t great for old bones like mine on a metal slab, but the saddest part of it was seeing how — because our country doesn’t give enough money to resources like social safety nets and mental health institutions — there’s so many people in jail, you know, for poverty and racism and mental health issues.”

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Fonda was honest about using her privilege for good:

“We have to up the ante and engage in civil disobedience, which means risking getting arrested. “It’s going to require more and more people like all of you in the streets demanding.”

Watch Jane tackle the big issues on The View below!