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Jeopardy! Winner Donates $10,000 of Winnings to Cancer Research in Alex Trebek's Honor


A teen Jeopardy! winner is giving back in a major way. Avi Gupta dominated the teen tournament this past summer and took home $100,000. He has decided to give a portion of his winnings for a great cause. Gupta donated $10,000 to cancer research in honor of his longtime hero, Alex Trebek

According to CNN, Gupta says Trebek is someone he's always admired. So the 18-year-old Columbia University student decided that, for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, he would give the money for pancreatic studies at the Knight Cancer Institute in Oregon.

In March, Trebek announced he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Months later, in September, he announced he was back on chemo, due to his numbers being high.

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In a Twitter clip, Gupta revealed he was moved to donate by Trebek, who was "someone I looked up to my whole life." 

Gupta, who participated in the tournament this past June, gave a little nod to his love of science and math by donating exactly $10,314. The last three numbers are a reference to Pi.

Watch the clip below.