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Perkie's Observations: Cassandra Threatens to Expose Her Accomplice on General Hospital

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Jessica Tuck

Jessica Tuck

Nikolas stands by the door as his mother knocks. Laura senses a presence, but Jax arrives at that moment and whisks her off for coffee. Laura tells Jax about visiting Ava and how she never got a chance to ask about the painting. Jax says she needs to try again, though Laura points out that Ava might have already sold it. 

Kim pops in to see how Liz is doing since she still considers Liz a friend. Liz says Kim is responsible for her grief and she is taking her husband away. Kim says she's trying to make peace, but Liz is having none of it. 

Kim claims she and Drew love each other and Liz just wants to tear them apart. Liz says she gave Kim a pass at first because of Oscar. Kim says Liz doesn't understand since Jake came back to her. Kim says her Drew has come back to her and Liz needs to make peace with it. 

Franco tells Scott he's leaving town. Scott tells Franco he's lost two children and now has lost Franco as well. Scott reminds Drew of his early childhood with Betsy and young Franco. Scott explains how Jim Harvey abused Franco and how he protected Drew. Scott says Drew is taking away Franco's chance at a happy life. 

Jason pays Sam a visit at Pentonville. She tells him that Cassandra is her cellmate. Jason tells her that Alexis is in hospital, but the diagnosis is still unknown. Sam tells him that she has work duty later.

Kendra's keeping Alexis company in the hospital while she waits for test results. Kendra worries that she pushed Alexis too hard too fast, though Alexis reassures her. Julian stops in with flowers for Alexis. Later, Kendra tells Julian she wants to keep Alexis company and Julian asks her to keep him in the loop. 

Robert meets with Cassandra at Pentonville and offers a her a deal. He says she'll be extradited to The Hague unless she tells him who broke her out of WSB custody a year ago. Robert asks if it was Valentin or Peter, but Cassandra says it wasn't. She refuses to say who it was. 

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Finn checks in on Alexis and does some pressure tests on her hands. Alexis has no feeling and worries that whatever she has is spreading. She gives Finn a rundown of the past few weeks including her nutritional supplements. 

Robert runs into Hayden and Violet at the hospital. Finn tells Hayden that Violet needs one more test before being discharged. Robert asks why Finn didn't tell Anna about his daughter. Finn says he just found out and hasn't had a chance to tell Anna yet. Finn wants to tell her in person, but Robert warns him not to put it off. 

Cassandra calls Nikolas and tells him about her meeting with Robert. She informs him she's about to be extradited. Nikolas says it was her fault that she came back to the States and got caught. Cassandra says she wants Nikolas to break her out of Pentonville. If he doesn't, she'll tell Robert that he is the one who got her out of WSB custody, and coerced Finn and Anna to help cure her. 

Nikolas says Cassandra is in no position to make demands, but she tells him to break her out tonight or she'll blow his cover. Nikolas calls someone else and tells them to take care of Cassandra. 

Laura runs into Robert and tells him about the portrait. She says it could be a weapon against Valentin, which piques Robert's interest. 

Hayden and Violet go home to Liz's. Liz and Violet share a hug. (That child is flippin' adorable!)

Julian's tossing out garbage in his bin when he comes across a dead rat. 

Sam's waiting for the transport for her work duty when she's joined by Cassandra. The guard sends someone a text that reads, "It's been taken care of." (Did the guard send it to Nikolas or someone else?)