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Ambitions' Brian White Talks "Unbelievable" Twists and Turns in Second Half of Season One

Brian White has been steaming up our screens this year as Mayor Evan Lancaster on Will Packer and Jamey Giddens' delicious primetime soap, Ambitions. The second half of the first season hits OWN on Nov. 12, and White can barely contain his excitement.

He told Atlanta Black Star:

The first season was just getting your appetite in. We’ve established the appetizer. The main course is coming — it is juicy. What [creator] Jamey Giddens and [producer] Will Packer were able to do with the script and the story and the narrative in the second half of the season is unbelievable. You think you couldn’t possibly have more to come. I mean, we’re just scratching the surface. … You’re not going to believe where the plot twists and turns go.

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In a sad coincidence, one particular Ambitions storyline echoed a tragedy in White's own life (spoiler alert!).

"“I just lost my father last year in real life. So to lose one on TV, it was an impactful experience. Having just lost my father, I was keenly in that space of loss and grief. Sometimes life imitates art and a storyline will come along that your body just responds to.”

What's in store for Atlanta's mayor, First Lady Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens), and their friends (and enemies)? Find out when Ambitions returns on Nov. 12!