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Former The Young and the Restless Star William Wintersole Has Died at 88

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Imagine Genoa City without a guiding hand from long-term legal eagle Mitchell Sherman. The man behind The Young and the Restless' prominent attorney, William Wintersole, died last week at 88.

According to, his daughter commented on Facebook,

My beautiful father, William Wintersole, passed in the stealth of the night at age 88 Tuesday 11/5/19. I’m so glad that I got to share him on my show with my listeners. As a Hollywood actor for 60 years, he touched many ppls lives. I did EVERYTHING I could for him..and that brings me peace. But alas…I miss him so. One love!

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The Portsmouth, OH native starred in several shows over his 60-year career, including General HospitalMission: Impossible, Emergency!Robert Kennedy and His Times, and The Secrets of Lake Success.

What were some of your favorite Mitchell moments? Let us know!