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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Wants Sasha to Spill All Of the Tea on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

Curtis comes across the Pentonville work group in the park. He checks in on Sam, who tells him that Cassandra is her cellmate and is very interested in the Cassadines. Curtis says there is connection between Cassandra and Valentin. He tells Sam that Cassandra is dangerous and to watch her back.

Valentin finds Nina talking to Nathan's grave. Valentin complains again about Jax and Laura, and the portrait. He's beginning to believe there is a hidden message in the picture. Talk turns to Cassandra. Nina worries that she'll break out of custody again, but Valentin reassures her.

Valentin asks if Nina is interested in continuing to search for her daughter. He says they can do it together and get closure. Nina doesn't want her heart broken again. 

Joss stops by to see Jax. Nikolas manages to duck out and leave unnoticed. Joss says she wants to move in with her father, so Jax calls Carly to come over to discuss it. 

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Michael and Sasha run into Carly babysitting Wiley at Kelly's. Carly gets the call from Jax and heads out leaving the other two to babysit.

Curtis arrives and wants the truth from Sasha, since he doesn't believe she acted alone. Michael gets his panties in a bunch. (Michael honey, sit your butt down and let the grown ups do the talking.) Curtis says Sasha made him an unwitting accomplice to fraud and wants to know who helped her. Sasha says she won't get anyone else in trouble and just wants Nina to be happy. Curtis says he ran another DNA test, which showed a mother/daughter match once again. Curtis says it means the results were not changed, but the samples were. Curtis says only Valentin had means and motive. 

Martin meets with Nelle, who says she married someone rich, who subsequently died and left her with money. (Say what with the who now?) Nelle wants a new parole hearing to expedite her release and promises a large payday if Martin helps her. Martin agrees and later calls Valentin. 

Joss tells Jax and Carly that she wants to move in with Jax since nothing about his house reminds her of Oscar. Jax says it's fine if Joss isn't using it as an excuse to hide from her friends and school. Carly agrees, but Jax says he needs more time to finish his renovation before Joss can move in. (That and he needs to get Nikolas off his couch!)

Cassandra gets the upper hand and knocks out a guard with her shovel. Nikolas is waiting for her and she escapes. Sam calls for help for the guard.