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Days of Our Lives Recap: "My Love, You've Been Asleep For an Entire Year"

Matthew Ashford, Melissa Reeves

Matthew Ashford, Melissa Reeves

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem with John and Marlena hanging out in Horton Square, celebrating the one year anniversary of their seventh wedding. Whilst basking in their Jarlena bliss, John gives Marlena a gift - an hourglass from their wedding reception that never happened. 

Side Note: The wedding reception never took place because Kristen hijacked the event at gunpoint and forced Samantha Gene to shoot John to find out the location of her presumed dead husband, EJ. We eventually discovered that Xander shot Marlena while trying to take out Eric, but that is a side note for another day. 

John and Marlena continue to reminisce about how he took the hour glass to the hospital everyday when she was comatose. It was just his way of saying, "Love never gives up hope." Here comes Jack who is distraught and in need of a pep talk. 

Marlena seems a wee perplexed as to why Jack is looking for a flash drive whilst Jennifer Rose is laid up in her hospital bed. He explains that he is trying to stay active so he can feel useful. John uses his PI skills to ask if the flash drive was even on Jennifer Rose when she catapulted off the balcony. Also, did someone push her? Was it Rolf? Either way, they think Jack needs to get back to the hospital. 

John tells Jack that during Marlena's coma, he kept telling himself a love like theirs was stronger than anything else on this earth. John went home to an empty house and an empty bed (I think Marlena should have cooed here) and turned over the hourglass . . . and then turned it back over in the morning until she woke up.

Marlena wants to give Jack the hourglass to turn over everyday. John agrees and wants him to go to the hospital and sit by Jennifer Rose's bedside.

Side Note: I may have squealed when John said, "Jennifer Rose."

Meanwhile, Kristen and Eric are in the University Hospital chapel where she is trying to tell him about the bun in Sarah's oven. Eric is brooding, which means it must be a day that ends in "y." He really doesn't want to hear what Kristen has to say, but does let her know he has forgiven her for drugging and raping him. As an act of contrition, Kristen wants to tell the absolute truth. 

Kristen explains to Eric that she wants to make amends to folks she hurt so she'll have a healthy child. She doesn't want her child to see her do stuff like this - you know, raping priests, stealing babies, murder, etc. Kristen blurts out that Sarah is pregnant with Eric's child, just as Brady walks into the room. 

Eric doesn't believe Kristen. Brady, of course, doesn't know anything about anything. Eric flashes back to Sarah passing out, dramatically, in his arms and clumsily dropping shit. Kristen can tell Eric believes her and he leaves to catch Sarah. Brady thinks she lied.

Brady thinks Kristen should have kept her mouth shut. Kristen did it for Brady because she sees how important it is for the brothers to get closer. Kristen was trying to make amends. Brady thinks she was trying to score points.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole arrives with Sarah's pregnancy test results just as she is leaving for the airport. Nicole explains that Rolf delivered the test results, but she intercepted them before they got to Eric. They are both on the same page here. Neither wants Eric to know about Sarah's bun. That being said, Sarah is a little confused about why Nicole is so insecure - aren't we all Sarah. 

Nicole goes on to tell Sarah that it is not just about the two of them, someone else knows about her bun. Xander got Rolf to take the test results to Eric so it would keep Sarah in town. Sarah seems surprised until Nicole reminds her that Xander might sort of maybe like her in more than a friend kind of way. 

Nicole and Sarah make a pact to keep the baby a secret and she burns the test results in the fireplace - enter Eric. Sarah's cab is here but Eric, now both brooding and entitled, decides she can't leave until he knows the truth.

Over at the hospital, Princess Gina is about to smother Jennifer Rose with a pillow, but Ciara walks in - clearly an annoyance. Ciara tells Gina that Ben is having nightmares about killing Jordan. Gina wants Ciara to go so she can get back to smothering Jennifer Rose. No dice. Ciara calls Gina "mommy" and goes in for a hug. Strangely, Gina is feeling her maternal instincts. 

Oh LORD - Ciara left and Gina done tried to smother Jennifer Rose again - enter Ben. Ciara is on the way back to the gatehouse because she left her phone there. Ben exits and Rafe is calling Hope - she's annoyed that Hernandez man is bothering her.

At the DiMera mansion gatehouse, Rafe walks in to find Ben all in a tizzy because Ciara isn't there, the window is open, and a picture of his beloved has been smashed. Rafe warns Ben to stay out of grown folks' business and let the police chase after Jordan. Further, he wants Ben to pack up and take Ciara to the safe house. Ben really wants Ciara to pick up her phone. He's headed to the hospital, but someone is watching in the bushes.

Side Note: Hmmm, I wonder if this will be the same safe house where Rafe kept Sami, which is where they went from hate to love and mirrored the love story of Marlena and OG Roman. 

We're in the home stretch folks.

Jack is now at Jennifer Rose's bedside with the hourglass. He tells her the story about turning it over until she comes back to him. 

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At the police station, Gina and Rafe are discussing Jennifer Rose's fall. Gina says it was a terrible accident and wonders why he isn't out looking for Jordan. Rafe wants to look at the security footage. 

Ben enters the DiMera mansion gatehouse and it looks like a tornado hit. He spots an arm buried amongst the mess - the nails have pink nail polish. 

In Horton Square, John and Marlena are reminiscing about how much can happen in one year. Marlena is reminded of something Tom Horton said a long time ago, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." 

Side Note: Crying episode 1 of 3

Back to the hospital and the hourglass . . . 

At the police station, Jennifer Rose is alone on the security footage. Gina wants to turn off the tape, but Rafe tells her to let it run. Just then, he sees a shadow . . . Gina's shadow. 

Back to Jennifer Rose's bedside . . . 

At the gatehouse, Ben tries to feel the pulse from the arm. It is cold. Ben is devastated. WHO IS IT?

Back to Jennifer Rose's beside. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eric is telling Sarah and Nicole that Kristen told him she was pregnant. Sarah says Eric has a right to know nothing. Just then, Nicole blurts out that Sarah is pregnant.

Back to Jennifer Rose's beside and the hourglass . . . 

In the chapel, Kristen wants Brady to believe she really has changed. The baby is a miracle and blessed, a wretch like her with a child - He grabs her and kisses her.

Side Note: Crying episode 2 of 3

Back to Jennifer Rose's beside and the hourglass . . . It runs out and Jennifer Rose wakes up and says, "Jack." He can't believe that she is awake! She wants to know what happened and he tells her that she's been in a coma. 

Side Note: Crying episode 3 of 3 begins

Side Note: Jennifer Rose's hair is REALLY long. 

Jennifer Rose wants details, but also wants to know how long she has been out. A day . . . a week? Jack is stumbling over his words as he tries to utter the last line, "My love, you've been asleep for an entire year."  Fade to black.

From my perspective, this was one of the best episodes of soap opera I have seen in quite a while because of it's simplicity. Sometimes, it is only necessary to tell good story, rooted in history, that features characters we care about. 

John & Marlena and Jack & Jennifer tied together with the words of Tom Horton . . . and a year has passed. There is brilliance in simplicity. 

Now it is time for the most important opinion, YOURS! I want to know all about what you thought of the episode and what you think will happen as we being to unpack the lost year through the eyes of Jennifer Rose! Sound off in the comments!!!

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