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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Has Had His Fill of Cassandra on General Hospital

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Marcus Coloma

Marcus Coloma

Jason shows up at the park. He calls 911 when Sam explains what happened. Chase arrives and Sam gives her statement. Later, Sam is taken back to Pentonville while Chase searches for Cassandra.

Nikolas is not happy with Cassandra and decides to end their partnership. He says she's become a liability, so Cassandra gets scared and runs off. 

Maxie and Lulu sit and gossip. Maxie tells her about Peter moving in. Lulu talks about chaperoning the dance and her time with Dustin. 

Willow runs into Brad and says she knows something is troubling him. She says she's a friend and offers to be there if he needs to talk.

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Julian heads to the hospital looking for Lucas. Bobbie's quick to snark him out for being a bad father, but ultimately lets him know where he may find Lucas.

Lucas visits Tony's grave and is visited by Ghost Tony. Lucas tells his father everything that's been happening. Julian finds him there. 

Jax pays Ava a visit. He apologizes for not putting a stop to the Crimson message boards that were so harmful to her. Ava says it's not his fault and she's being haunted. Ava says she saw Nikolas because she betrayed him.

Jax asks her why it's happening now. He wonders if she saw something that reminded her of the Cassadines. Ava remembers that she overheard Laura talking on the phone to Jax. She says she knows they're looking for the painting. Jax swears his concern for her is genuine, but Ava says she doesn't trust him. Ava says she's hidden the painting and no one will find it.

Nikolas anonymously calls Chase to let him know where Cassandra has been spotted. Cassandra makes her way to Kelly's. She spots Charlotte and makes a play for her.