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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Tosses Jax Under the Bus on General Hospital

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Marcus Coloma, Ingo Rademacher

Marcus Coloma, Ingo Rademacher

Jordan has Valentin come down to the station. Laura tells him that Cassandra escaped and wants to know if he had anything to do with it. Valentin says he broke all ties with Cassandra and would never help her. 

Lulu realizes Charlotte is no longer at the counter and is missing. Lulu calls Jordan, who sends out cops to help look for her. Jordan tells Lulu that Cassandra has escaped. Cassandra has Charlotte on the pier and warns the child if she doesn't cooperate, Nina will go to jail. 

Jax questions where Nikolas had been. Nikolas admits he was helping Cassandra escape. He says he couldn't risk her giving him up and had to help her. Jax says Cassandra is a huge criminal and he didn't sign up for this. Nikolas says he wanted the information Cassandra has on Valentin.

Lucas accuses Julian of framing Brad. Julian admits that he staged the affair. Julian says Brad is being shady, so he was trying to protect Lucas. Lucas says Julian can't justify this and he's finished with his father. 

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Liesl runs into Brad and asks him what he's done to cover his tracks with Sasha's DNA results. Brad says he's admitted his part to Lucas, so he's not scared of Liesl's threats. 

Hayden and Violet drop by for a visit with Finn. The three spend some quality time together until Violet falls asleep on the couch. Finn carries her upstairs to one of the guests rooms.

Jason stops by Jax's house, so Nikolas hides. Jason explains about Cassandra escaping and Sam getting a partial license plate on the van. He says Spinelli found out the van was paid for with one of Jax's credit cards. Jax says the card must have been hacked and denies helping Cassandra escape.

Jason wonders if Jerry could be involved, but Jax says no. Jason wonders if Jax is involved in something. He offers to help with no questions asked because of Jax's connection to Joss and Carly. Jax promises he wouldn't put Joss or Carly in danger. Once Jason leaves, Jax tears a strip off of Nikolas. 

Valentin realizes that Cassandra has Charlotte and she will try to contact him. When Lulu gets to the station, he has Nina create a diversion by arguing with Lulu. Cassandra calls Valentin and tells him where to meet. 

Charlotte refuses to help Cassandra anymore and tries to run off. Cassandra grabs her. Someone tells Cassandra to back off. That someone? Anna Freakin' Devane!! (FINALLY!!)