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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Bids Adieu to Cassandra on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Cassandra forces Anna to dump her gun and cellphone into the water. Anna offers to give Cassandra a head start if she lets Charlotte go. Cassandra counters she'll release the child only if she gets full immunity. A couple of Cassandra's goons arrive to help her.

Jax is upset with Nikolas for using his credit card and implicating him. Nikolas is more worried about finding the portrait. Carly shows up at the door, so Nikolas hides. Carly knows something is going on with Jax and demands to know what it is. Jax admits he's involved in something, which is why he doesn't want Joss around. Nikolas shows himself to Carly. 

Nina still thinks they should tell the police that Cassandra contacted them, but Valentin believes the police will get in the way. Jason arrives and wants information on Cassandra. Valentin says he broke all ties with her and doesn't know where she is. Jason insists on more information, but Nina starts screaming at him to stop hounding them, so Jason leaves. 

After Jason leaves, Nina tells Valentin that it might be a good idea to team up with Jason. That way, he can hunt down and get rid of Cassandra. Valentin is determined to save Charlotte on his own. Cassandra calls and orders him to get her an escape boat. 

Jordan updates Robert about Cassandra's escape, with Charlotte as a possible hostage. 

Laura and Maxie try to console Lulu. Peter shows up, so Robert gets angry and says no press is allowed. Maxie comes to Peter's defense, saying he's there as Lulu's friend. Lulu beats herself up, wondering why Charlotte would take off. Peter reassures her that it wasn't her fault.

Hayden and Finn put Violet to bed and make small talk, her about raising Violet on her own, him about Anna. Finn says he wants to tell Violet that he's his father and they agree to do it tomorrow morning.

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Carly is shocked to see Nikolas alive and well. He says he's back to reclaim his fortune. Carly says Laura needs to know that he's alive. Nikolas disagrees, but Carly tries to make him understand what it's like to lose a child. She says if Nikolas won't tell Laura, she will. 

Nikolas says he needs to find the codicil and if Valentin finds out he's alive, he'll go after Spencer and Laura. Nikolas asks Carly for more time to find the codicil and make things right. Carly agrees not to say anything. 

After Nikolas leaves, Jax explains how he ran into him and that Spencer factored into the decision to help him. Jax says exposing Nikolas means exposing himself. He explains about the credit card and helping Cassandra escape. Carly points out that Jax could be charged as an accessory and agrees to keep the secret.

Jordan talks to Laura about her case with Curtis and whether it has anything to do with Cassandra. Jordan wonders who would help Cassandra to get to Valentin. 

Robert returns and wonders how Cassandra managed to get on work duty. He turns to Peter and asks why he visited Shiloh twice on the same day before his escape. Maxie accuses Robert of hounding Peter and says it wouldn't happen if Anna were here. 

Charlotte manages to bite Cassandra and run away. One of the goons chases after and runs into Jason. The two fight and Jason wins. Jason shows up on the pier. Anna takes on Cassandra, while Jason fights the second goon. Both of them win, but Cassandra escapes on Valentin's boat.

Charlotte calls her father to tell her she's been rescued. Cassandra calls Valentin to tell him who got her out of WSB custody. He doesn't care and says goodbye. Cassandra notices a bomb on the boat. Valentin detonates the bomb with his cellphone.

Nikolas watches Anna, Jason, and Charlotte on the pier.