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Ambitions "The Thrill Is Gone" Recap: Betrayal, Incest, and MESSY PERLA!

Maria Legarda

Maria Legarda

Previously on Ambitions... MESS and DEATH and MESSY DEATH. Let's get into it.

We begin where we left off with Amara and Titus arguing about why Stephanie was up in his hotel room half nekkid. Titus says Stephanie is being her shady self and Amara showed her skepticism with an open palm across Titus' mug.

Side Note: I'm thinking this ain't none of Amara's lesson to teach, but that will stay just between us because it looked like that smack left a mark and it shook me a bit.

They keep talking and it becomes obvious very quickly that Titus still loves Amara even after she climbed Damian like a tree all over the streets of Birmingham. Awwww, Titus loves Amara and she loves him back. I wonder how long this reunion will last? Before we can contemplate their complicated relationship status for too long, Karen interrupts with an urgent phone call. 

At Thelma's Place, the police thinks Senior was caught up in a robbery. Rondell is having none of it as she is just sure that evil Greg Peters was responsible for her daddy's untimely demise. Here comes her brother/mayor Evan to provide her some comfort. He tells the police that solving Senior's murder is everyone's top priority! Here comes Councilman Kent Hamilton to support Rondell which is a good thing because Evan is being called away on another emergency. I'll give you one guess . . .

Across town, Bella has popped out of her afterglow of luscious lustiness with Ignacio DeSantos to discover that her baby, Joaquin, is missing. Damn, that pipe laying must've been goooooood. Damn! Oh yeah, where is Joaquin? 

Perla shows up and seems concerned about Joaquin, but is even more interested in being nosy. She wants to know more about Ignacio and thinks Bella should tell Evan about their hookup. 

Side Note: GO HOME, PERLA! Stay out of grown folks' business. 

Evan arrives at Bella's to talk about Joaquin. Evan thinks Roderick might be responsible, but then accuses Bella's MESSY behind, and then she puts it right back on him. They continue to go after each until Evan calms down and tells her about Senior. She is really upset and they hug. Awwww, Bella still loves Evan. Which is all fine and good, but Evan has even MORE business to attend to . . . Daphne is still alive! There might be hope for Evan's S&M life, yet!

Back at Thelma's, Rondell ain't having any of anybody's bullshit. Here comes Inez wanting to talk about Luelene. Next comes Stephanie, who came as fast as she could. Okay. I REALLY like this scene between Stephanie and Rondell, but it's got to shift, and Rondell is being straight up and blaming her and Greg Peters for Senior being dead. Stephanie reaches out for Rondell and she is brutally rebuffed.

Over at the hospital, some sneaky nurse is trying to kill Daphne for a second time - maybe. When next she wakes, Amara is trying to help Daphne. She tells her she was found unconscious in her car. Amara thinks both Evan Lancaster and Greg Peters are trying to take her out and she wants some protection up in that hospital to keep a dominatrix safe!

Around the same time, Evan and Stephanie are on the television letting folks know that they are putting the "criminal element of Atlanta (ahem, not either of your lessons to teach) on notice." Cut to sex on a plate, I mean, Greg Peters. 

In the middle of all this madness, a voice-altered call comes in asking for a cool million for Joaquin's safe release. 

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At Thelma's, Rondell is hanging out cleaning a shotgun. Amara walks in with some flowers. and takes the gun away while Rondell tears up. She thinks punk ass Peters killed her daddy. Here comes Stephanie, again. Rondell picks up the shotgun, which she's gonna take back upstairs before she catches a case. Stephanie's voice takes that tone when she is left alone with Amara. Oooop, Stephanie goes in on Amara talking about she trapped Titus with a baby she couldn't carry to term. Amara leaves before she catches a case. 

Evan is busy today, y'all! He heads over to Greg Peters' pad to put him on notice about Senior's death. Greg calls Evan's bodyguards Salt and Pepa and I fell dead on the spot. Greg reminds Evan that he is not crazy and would not bring that kind of heat on himself. 

Side Note: I don't believe that Greg Peters killed Senior, but I also believe he knows who did it.

Across town, Amara is in her kitchen, but somebody is at the house because they left the refrigerator open. Amara has a knife, so she is prepared if she has to catch a case. Deja appears without understanding she almost got gutted. She announces she quit school because her boyfriend, Razor, broke up with her. Amara is really gonna catch a case this time. Titus appears and says he is sending Deja back to campus. This sends her running upstairs, while also pitching a fit worthy of being asked to go outside and choose your own switch. 

Evan makes his fourth visit of the day. This time he's at the hospital visiting Daphne  Evan is going to look into this mysterious woman who tried to kill the woman who makes his bussy twitch. 

Side Note: Does anybody else think Evan is at least partially responsible for the attempt on Daphne's life? 

Elsewhere in the ATL, Stephanie is knocking at the door of Greg Peters' house, but is greeted by his slick looking cousin, Natasha. She wants to chat. Stephanie wants to leave, but their version of Salt and Pepa keeps Stephanie in check. Natasha is acting all WOMANISH telling Stephanie that she's been wanting to meet the "black ass" that has Greg so distracted. She goes on to ask Stephanie if Greg still does that thing where it feels like he is tying your clit in a knot.

Side Note: I had to pump the brakes a little bit here. Did Greg's NASTY cousin just tell Queen Stephanie that incest is best in their family? 

Side Note #2: Did Greg's WOMANISH cousin just refer to Queen Stephanie as "the black ass that has Greg so distracted?" It looks like almost catching a case is the theme of our story this week. 

Greg comes in and sends Natasha away. They talk about Senior and Stephanie seems convinced that he didn't do it, but now thinks that Natasha did. Greg warns her to stay away from Natasha, but the Queen told him she was more than capable of taking care of that "Eurotrash Bitch."

Back at Bella's, Perla is still giving her the business when Evan walks in and says the police have found a dead boy Joaquin's age. Bella fell out. 

At the Peters Pad, Natasha has bought out all of the Lenox mall, and Greg wants to know what she's been up to and why she's being so loud about it. She needs to be more discreet, which is not anything she ever aspired to. He warns her to stand down. She grabs his ass and reminds him that he always did know how to turn a girl on. Before she turns to leave, she reminds Greg that she was cleaning up his mess. 

At Thelma's Place, Inez is trying to comfort Rondell when in walks Kent. Inez gives him a warning that Kent does not heed. Rondell wants to know what she was talking about and Kent says he was interviewed on television and told the people he was thinking about running for Mayor of Atlanta . . . against her brother/mayor, Evan. Rondell told him to get gone before he could take a breath to say other words. 

We end our time in Atlanta with a random man and a child I assume is Joaquin. Just then, in walks PERLA! She and her boyfriend are trying to extort a million from the Mayor. DAMN IT, PERLA! I thought I told you to go on home! 

Well, that's it. Another episode of Ambitions is in the books. What did you think? Do you think Greg Peters took out Senior? Why did Natasha target Daphne? Who will catch a case first? Let us know what you thought by sounding off in the comments!