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Perkie's Observations: Finn and Hayden Get Busted on General Hospital

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Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton

Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton

Anna takes Charlotte to the police station to be reunited with ValNina and Lulu. Valentin thanks Anna, though she says she just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Lulu questions why Charlotte left on her own. Charlotte claims she wanted to get to the Spoon Island launch. Lulu chastises her and says she can't wander off on her own like that. Lulu wants to take Charlotte home, but Charlotte says it's her father's week and she wants to go to Wyndemere. 

Finn and Hayden have breakfast, then explain to Violet that Finn is her father.

Jax is annoyed with Nikolas for his constant coming and goings. He's angry that Carly now has to lie to Sonny and how all this messes things up for Joss. Jordan shows up so Nikolas hides. Jordan tells Jax that his credit card was used to rent the van. Jax says his card was stolen and he reported it. Jordan thinks it's too big of a coincidence that Jax happened to be investigating Cassandra, then she has help to escape. Jax says he was investigating Valentin and not Cassandra. Jordan brings up Cassandra's death, which catches Jax by surprise. She says there will likely be a murder investigation.

After Jordan leaves, Jax gets angry with Nikolas, accusing him of killing Cassandra. Nikolas swears he didn't do it and points the finger at Valentin. 

Sonny brings Avery to see Ava, which surprises her. Sonny says they both suffer from some form of mental illness and he wants Avery to grow up with no stigmas relating to it. Sonny tells Ava to get better for Avery's sake. 

Trina stops by to see Ava to let her know she can't intern at the gallery because she has detention from the Halloween incident. (Why would Trina be in trouble when she wasn't the one drinking?) Ava inadvertently calls her Kiki, then realizes her mistake and swears the meds are making things fuzzy.

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Joss talks to Carly about moving in with Jax. Carly says Jax is dealing with something and once it's cleared up Joss will be able to move in. Joss complains that she's not herself. Carly says grief impairs judgement and Joss needs to be aware. Joss wants to get back to the way she was, but at the same time, isn't ready to let Oscar go. (I am so ready for her to let Oscar go.) 

Sonny gets home and Carly gets annoyed with him for his treatment of Jax. Sonny is confused, but Carly tells him to be kind to Jax since she has to put up with Dev. 

Chase interrogates the prison guard that switched the work duty so Cassandra could be on it. She swears she didn't know who was behind it, she just accepted the money.

At Wyndemere Valentin wants the truth from Charlotte on why she allowed Cassandra to grab her. Charlotte tells them that Cassandra threatened Nina with prison. Nina tells Charlotte never to put herself in danger for her.

Lulu and Laura show up. Lulu says she knows it's Valentin's week, but she wanted to spend some time with Charlotte after her ordeal. Valentin makes a comment to Lulu. Charlotte snaps back that she knows they can't stand each other.

Laura takes Charlotte out of the room. Lulu admits she hates Valentin, but thought she was hiding it better from her. Nina says they have to provide a united front for Charlotte's sake. 

Robert is thrilled to see Anna back in town. He tells her that Hayden is in Port Charles as well, but Anna says Finn had already told her. Robert tries to tell her about Violet, but Chase interrupts and Anna heads home.

Chase wonders why Robert is concerned about Hayden because she isn't a threat to FAnna's relationship. Chase is shocked when Robert tells him that Violet is Finn's daughter.

Anna gets home to find Hayden and Finn all cozy on the couch.