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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Franco Talk About His Past on General Hospital

Steve Burton. Roger Howarth

Steve Burton. Roger Howarth

Anna walks into her home and finds Hayden and Finn on the couch. Before either has a chance to explain, out comes Violet, who asks Anna if she's friends with her daddy. Anna plays nice with Violet until she and Hayden leave.

Liz drops Cameron off at Sonny's for a man to man talk. Sonny brings up the drinking incident and how he needs to make better choices going forward. Cameron apologizes for what happened to Joss and promises it won't happen again. Sonny lays it on thick that Cameron needs to make the smart choice, the safe choice, and not drink and drive. Cameron gives his word.

Neil and TJ go through Alexis' house looking for any supplies that might have caused her illness. TJ mentions how he wants to propose to Molly and wants to ask for Alexis' blessing. Neil thinks it's a good idea to do it now so it gives Alexis something to look forward to. 

Julian stops in to see Alexis and tells her he has a dead rat problem. He thinks Olivia is dropping off the rats to mess with him. Alexis doesn't think it's coming from Olivia. 

Kim looks for Monica to say goodbye before leaving town. Monica says she wishes they were staying, but understands why they need to go. Kim thanks Monica for embracing Oscar into the family. Monica says he'll never be forgotten. (Well sure since Joss talks about him Every. Freakin'. Day.) Kim promises they'll stay in touch. 

Franco runs into Jason at the pier. He tells Jason about Andy and Bobby's childhood and how Franco saved Drew. Franco's not sure how to step up. Jason agrees that no matter what he chooses, someone who loves him, will lose. Franco talks about water and how his mind understands being a Seal, but his body doesn't. He admits his body belongs to Franco. 

Liz tells Scotty she hasn't heard from Franco. Scotty says he told Franco about his childhood, but it didn't sway him. Liz says at least they tried everything to reach him. 

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Finn swears nothing happened between him and Hayden. Anna says she believes him, but her concern is he never told her about Violet. Finn says he found out two days ago and wanted to tell her face to face. 

Finn says he didn't expect Anna to be gone so long. Anna doesn't mind the truth about Violet, but is upset about how she found out. She also points out that Hayden still has feelings for him and how Violet is powerful leverage. Finn swears he and Anna are as solid as ever. 

Neil and TJ drop the supplies at the lab in hopes of finding a clue about Alexis' illness. Neil visits with Alexis, who's scared about what's happening to her. TJ stops in and when the two head out, Alexis makes a comment about rats leaving a sinking ship. TJ comes back in and wonders if her illness is caused by rat poison. 

Liz runs into Hayden, who tells her about Finn and Violet. She says it was magical until Anna came home. Liz says she watched Finn put his life back together after Hayden left and Anna makes him happy. Hayden claims she's not going to come between them, but Violet's happiness is paramount. Liz tells Hayden not to mess with things. 

Julian runs into Kim and wants them to make peace. Kim however, is having none of it. She says Julian betrayed her by making her secret public record. Julian says Kim made him a better man, but Kim says he was only pretending to be someone else. 

Liz returns to pick up Cameron and thanks Sonny for giving him a talking to. Sonny says he's there for her anytime, but reassures her she's doing a great job. 

Jason goes to see Monica. The two share a hug.

Kim's ready to go when Franco shows up at her door. The look on his face does not say, "Hey let's leave town together!"