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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Warns Liesl Off His Furtive Weasel of a Husband on General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Ryan Carnes

Kathleen Gati, Ryan Carnes

Franco tells Kim he can't leave with her. He tells her how Franco saved Drew as a child. He says Franco rebuilt his life and had a family. Franco says he's decided to have the procedure.

Kim is upset, but Franco says he's no better than Shiloh if he keeps "Franco's" life. Kim says she has to leave because there is nothing left for her in Port Charles.

Spinelli's in town to give JaSam support during Sam's bench trial. Diane tells the judge that Sam was defending Jason and wants all charges dismissed. U.S. Attorney Gabriel Burke claims Shiloh was a hero who helped many people.

Jason and Sam testify as to what happened that night on the Haunted Star. Mr. Burke tries to make it seem as though Jason wasn't completely defenseless and Sam deliberately killed Shiloh. Diane says there is no proof of that.

Lucas tells Brad he confronted Julian, who made excuses about protecting him. He says he's cut all ties with Julian.

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Finn and Liz check in on Alexis. TJ explains he believes the cause of the problem is rat poison. TJ says the symptoms are consistent with what Alexis is experiencing. Alexis says she has no rat poison in her house and Finn says thallium has been banned for decades.

Finn gets the results which confirm thallium poisoning and reassures Alexis there is a cure. TJ checks and tells them there are no other reports of the same poisoning. Finn wonders if Alexis was intentionally poisoned. Alexis doesn't believe anyone would be gunning for her.

Brad stops by the pub to talk to Julian. He tells Julian he'll convince Lucas to give him another chance if Julian keeps quiet about Wiley. After Brad leaves, Julian gets angry and kicks everyone out of his pub. Everyone except Brook Lynn, who's determined to stay.

Lucas runs into Liesl and tells her that she and Brad are finished as co-conspirators. Lucas says he knows that Liesl was blackmailing Brad for tampering with Sasha's DNA test. Liesl claims Brad is a lying liar who lies.

Lucas warns her that if she continues to bother them, he will go to the authorities regarding her part in the DNA test. Liesl makes a comment about Brad and Wiley's father. Brad interrupts before she can say more. When Liesl leaves, Lucas demands to know what she meant. Lucas wants to know what else Brad is hiding. 

Franco finds Liz at work to talk with her. 

The judge returns with her ruling.