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Perkie's Observations: Sam's Time as Pumpkin Spice Gets Extended on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

The judge finds Sam not guilty of first degree murder. However, she believes Jason could have defended himself and finds Sam guilty of manslaughter. The DA wants the maximum sentence. Diane says Sam didn't escape along with Cassandra, and that should count for something.

The judge sentences Sam to 2 years in prison. She says she'll recommend early release to the parole board. Diane says there are no grounds for appeal. Sam is taken away. 

Franco tells Liz about his conversation with Scotty and wonders why she didn't tell him about his childhood. (Seriously? Because you didn't want anything to do with her, dumbass.) Liz says she felt like she was betraying "Franco's" trust.

Franco says he doesn't remember much from Drew's childhood, but he now knows that "Franco" made his life possible. He admits this life belongs to Franco and it's time to give it back. Franco says he plans to volunteer for the procedure. Liz asks about Kim. Franco says Kim needs to heal and he can't help her with that. He says it was Franco's intention to come back to Liz. Liz offers to get a hold of Andre. 

Brook Lynn offers an ear to Julian. He explains about his disagreement with Brad and how he can't be trusted. Brook Lynn tells him to end his partnership. Julian offers her money for listening. Brook Lynn is upset that he thinks she's a hooker and storms off. 

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Lucas wants to know what else Liesl is holding over Brad, but Brad swears she has nothing on him. He says Liesl and Julian are jealous of his happy life. Lucas doesn't understand why Brad doesn't seem happy with the family they have. Brad says Lucas has no idea what he's done for their family. Lucas wants to know what that means, but Brad says he's made sacrifices to keep their family together. Brad heads over to talk to Julian, who wants nothing to do with him. 

Hayden shows up as Kim leaves the apartment. She says she's the new renter. Kim shows her around and says Hayden will be happy in that space. (Am I misremembering a scene a few weeks ago where Hayden ran into Liz and Kim at the hospital? Why are they acting like they've never met?)

Anna tells Finn how she followed Alex all over the globe until she reached a dead end and gave up. She says she decided to come back because her life is here with Finn. Finn wonders if she'll take off again after Alex.

Anna says if Alex plans to return and ruin things between her and Peter, then she'll do something. Anna says having Violet will change things for Finn. Finn says he wants them to get to know each other.

Olivia calls Sonny over to the mansion. She received a package from the WSB and thinks it's a response from Dante. Olivia has been writing him letters. Sonny opens the package and finds Olivia's letters with a note from Dante. He wants her to stop sending him letters. Olivia believes Dante is still pushing them away and refusing their help. Sonny says Dante will come back to them. 

Brook Lynn shows up at the Quartermaine mansion.