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Robin Givens Teases Stephanie's World Falling Apart on Ambitions

Robin Givens

Robin Givens

It's hard to imagine the plotlines on OWN's primetime soap Ambitions could get much juicier. But star Robin Givens (Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster) is hinting that Will Packer and Jamey Giddens have more treats in store for fans.

A successful attorney and the first lady of Atlanta, Stephanie has no shortage of ambitions of her own. Givens told HollywoodLife, however, that her schemes to get between ex-lover Titus Hughes (Kendrick Cross) and former sorority sister-turned-federal prosecutor Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins) might come crashing down. 

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And then there's her friendship with fashion designer Bella Trujillo (Erica Page), one of her  husband (Brian J. White)'s secret mistresses! What will happen when Stephanie finds out about Bella and Evan's affair, plus their love child? Givens said:

She genuinely thought Bella was a friend and that friends wouldn’t do that. Now, if you think about it, she’s already had a friend take a man from her. So Bella must be crazy.

When Stephanie's schemes unravel, expect her to be down - but not out. Givens added:

We definitely get to see finally how she reacts. And we get to see things kind of unravel a little bit for Stephanie because we’ve watched her set up everything, bringing Amara’s ex in, and then she loses control[...] As an actress it was nice to have her in control and now lose control and manage to scramble to put the pieces back together.

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