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Cameron Mathison Talks Kidney Cancer on Dr. Oz Next Week

Dr. Oz and Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, All My Children) has been open about his recent kidney cancer diagnosis and subsequent remission. On Nov. 25, he will appear on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss his health ordeal - and we've got a sneak peek!

Also host of Hallmark's Home & Family, Mathison recalled how he got the news:

I was actually at the golf course and I got the call, I took the call. It didn't feel real, everything kind of slowed down. You know. Because as soon as you hear the word cancer, obviously it's very scary and all sorts of thoughts come racing through your head, and you start thinking about family and kids of course, and things like that. 

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Dr. Oz and Cameron Mathison

Oz and Mathison went on to discuss the signs of renal cancer and how audience members and viewers can be aware of the condition. Oz said:

Kidney cancer is not usually found by accident. You've got to sort of tell someone you got a problem, so do what Cameron did. These are the classic warning signs. Blood in the urine. Not really a kidney stone or an infection. Back pain, right which I showed you. Anemia low blood count. 

Tune in for the full episode of Dr. Oz next Monday, Nov. 25!