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Perkie's Observations: Anna Sets Hayden Straight on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Rebecca Budig

Finola Hughes, Rebecca Budig

Olivia and Ned are surprised when Brook Lynn shows up. Since Sonny is there, Brook Lynn makes a few comments about Dante. This upsets Olivia and she storms out. Sonny explains to Brook Lynn about Dante's condition. Brook Lynn apologizes to Olivia. Ned tells her she can stay. They argue over Leo's upbringing. Sonny thinks Edward and Lila would have enjoyed all the family squabbles. 

Carly is shocked when Jason tells her about Sam's sentence. He worries about what to tell the kids. Jason thinks he should have killed Shiloh and been done with it. Carly counters that Sam wanted things done this way and now has to live with the consequences. Jason says they should have thought about the kids before getting caught up in this mess. Carly agrees and says they can't go around with guns blazing anymore. She says the kids are going to need him now and he's going to have to make some changes. 

Valentin pays Ava a visit. He asks where the portrait is. She mentions her hallucinations of Nikolas, which makes Valentin realize she still has it. He says he knows Laura, Jax and Hayden are after the portrait as well. Valentin tells her to name her price, but Ava has no intention of getting rid of it. 

Nikolas lets himself into Wyndemere through the tunnels. He comes across Charlotte, who recognizes him from the docks. Nikolas tells her that he works for Valentin as her bodyguard, but needs to keep things secret. Charlotte is still suspicious, but Nikolas convinces her that she needs to keep their secret in order to keep her safe. 

Chase complains to Finn for not telling him about Violet. Finn apologizes and tells Chase everything that happened, including Anna walking in on him and Hayden. The two discuss fatherhood, the good, the bad, and the scary. Finn offers to have Chase meet Violet. 

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Hayden wants to clear the air with Anna since they'll all be one big happy family now. She questions whether the wedding is still on since Anna has been gone for so long. Anna is upset that Hayden kept Finn in the dark and thinks he should have known about Violet sooner. Hayden makes the comparison to Robin and Robert. Anna says her life was dangerous at that time and it's not the same. 

Anna wants to know why Hayden said something now and thinks it's because she was gone such a long time. Anna thinks Hayden wants to rebuild her relationship with Finn, but Hayden says they'll always have one thanks to Violet. Anna tells Hayden she welcomed Violet into her and Finn's life. She warns Hayden not to twist things her way. 

Jordan and Curtis are thrilled to see Stella's in town for a short visit. Stella asks about TJ and Jordan says he has news, but that she'll have to ask him herself. 

Nina stops by Jax's to give him an invitation to their New Year's Eve wedding. Jax can't believe she would want to marry Valentin and points out again, that Sasha didn't act alone.

Nina's not hearing it, so Jax finally says he won't be attending. Nina's upset, saying it's important to her that he be there. Jax thinks Valentin likely rigged Cassandra's boat and that he'll ruin her life. Jax can't believe she's going through with this wedding. Nina admits that she isn't, but is planning to destroy Valentin instead.

Valentin gets back to Wyndemere, so Nikolas hides. Nikolas listens when Valentin calls Hayden and asks her to meet him. He says he has a proposition that would be mutually beneficial.