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Perkie's Observations: Nina Outlines Her Plan of Attack to Jax on General Hospital

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Cynthia Watros, Ingo Rademacher

Cynthia Watros, Ingo Rademacher

Nina tells Jax she knew immediately that Valentin was behind the Sasha secret and wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Jax thinks she should let it go because she'll hurt herself more if she gives into revenge. 

Jax tells her to dump Valentin now and fake date him, but Nina says Valentin will never let her go. Nina says she decided to forgive Valentin because she loves Charlotte and wants the family. Jax says Valentin is not a good father, just like Sonny. Nina refuses to listen. 

Nikolas eavesdrops as Valentin tells Hayden he's willing to pay her to tell him what is so important about the portrait. Hayden swears she knows nothing, but Valentin warns that things will get unpleasant if he doesn't get the answer he wants. Charlotte interrupts before Hayden can say anything else. 

Carly leaves a voicemail message for Jax. Sonny overhears part of it and questions what secrets she's keeping from him. Carly says Sonny has to get along with Jax for Joss' sake. Sonny thinks Jax is pushing into their lives so he can find something to use against him. Carly reminds Sonny that Jax is keeping the secret about Dev, but Sonny is still paranoid. He brings up again that Carly slept with Jax. Carly counters that Sonny slept with her lawyer and made googly eyes at Margaux. Carly says his list of sins is longer. 

Stella pays Mike a visit, but he has no idea who she is. Mike's memories are all in the past. Later, Stella heads over to let Carly and Sonny know about the change in Mike. Sonny wonders how much longer he has before his father forgets him altogether. Stella says it will happen soon. 

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Anna wants Jason's help in figuring out what happened to Cassandra. She's certain Valentin was behind the boat explosion. Jason tells her about Sam and how he needs to know what to tell the kids. Anna tells him to be honest and to reassure them.

Jason stops in to see Monica. She says the kids will need stability and offers to have them live at the mansion. Jason's not sure that's such a good idea, but Monica points out they spend a lot of time there already. 

Monica says the kids need consistency, so Jason agrees to talk to Danny. Monica says Jason is the only parent right now and needs to think before taking any more chances. (This is the third time this has come up, so is it just that the writers are finally seeing they can't have Jason running around town guns blazing, with a baby strapped to his chest? Or is he going to do something that will put the kids in harms way?) Jason talks to Danny and explains everything. Danny says he'd rather stay at the mansion and promises to be strong for Scout's sake. Jason promises to do everything to get Sam home. 

Anna tells Finn she met with Hayden and she doesn't trust her. Finn admits he hasn't forgiven Hayden, but feels they need to co-parent. Anna believes that Hayden wants to get back together with Finn. Finn tells Anna he loves her and wants them together going forward. Hayden arrives in time to see the two kiss. 

Nina gets home in time to help Valentin read a bedtime story to Charlotte. 

When Nikolas gets back to the house, he finds out Jax has made a decision. He tells Nikolas if the codicil is not found by the New Year's Eve wedding, he'll tell Nina everything and ruin Valentin. 

Nikolas calls Hayden to meet. He says everything has changed.