Networks Announce Programming Changes for Thanksgiving and Black Friday

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CBS, ABC, and NBC have announced how their schedules will change on Thursday, Nov. 28 (for Thanksgiving), and Friday, Nov. 29 (for Black Friday). Regular programming will resume, bar unforeseen circumstances, on Monday, Dec. 2.

Per Soaps/SheKnows, here's the full run-down:


CBS: A repeat episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will air, while a new episode of The Young and the Restless will air.

NBC: Days of Our Lives will not air. The National Dog Show and an encore of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be screened instead.

ABC: General Hospital will air a new episode today.


CBS: B&B will not air; in its stead will be Geico’s 10 Greatest College Football Wide Receivers. Y&R, however, will air a new episode.

NBC: DAYS will not air a new episode; instead, a NHL game will take its slot.

ABC: GH will be pre-empted nationally by college football.