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Chloe Lanier "Educates" Latinx Actress Camila Banus on Fair Emmy Competition

Chloe Lanier, Camila Banus

Days of Our Lives star Camila Banus spoke out recently on how Hispanic women have never been nominated or won in the Lead Actress category at the Daytime Emmys. Banus pointed out how peers in the industry are judging you and yet they seem to exclude you in the same breath, stating:

Banus is bringing attention to something actors of color have known for years and spoke out about. From 1974 until 2008, there wasn't a Black woman nominated for Lead Actress until Debbi Morgan in 2009. Morgan became the first African-American to win Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1989 and shared her win with Nancy Lee Grahn, who tied with her.

 For some reason, General Hospital's Chloe Lanier decided to take it upon herself to "school" Banus, who has been in daytime for 11 years, compared to her three, on the Emmy process. Lanier downplayed Banus's remarks and stated,

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Someone who has been in the game for 11 years is voicing their experience on how Hispanics are being overlooked but you decide to weigh in and discredit everything they are saying with your three-year tenure? M'kay, girl.

Lanier has since deleted her Twitter account.