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Perkie's Observations: Liz Has to Defend Her POV Against Monica on General Hospital

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Leslie Charleson, Rebecca Herbst

Leslie Charleson, Rebecca Herbst

Alexis updates Neil on her condition. She tells him that Finn thinks she was poisoned deliberately. Neil wonders who would do that. TJ shows up to talk to Alexis, so Neil leaves. TJ asks for permission to propose to Molly. Alexis points out how Molly is a modern woman and wouldn't want TJ asking permission. Alexis says TJ has her blessing. 

The teens have detention for getting drunk on Halloween. Dev's annoyed since he didn't do anything wrong. Cameron apologizes to Joss, who says he didn't force her to drink. Trina brings up how she did an ancestry test and found a relative other than her mother in PC. 

Cameron wants to know what Joss has been writing in her journal, but she says it's private. Cameron wants to know why Dev is really here. Dev tries to explain, but gets his details wrong. Trina calls him a liar, and she and Cameron question whether he's really Sonny's cousin. 

Julian checks Lucas and Brad's schedule claiming he wants to plan something nice for them. Liz wants to talk about Kim, but Julian isn't interested. He tells Liz to move on. 

Franco tells Monica he's going to have the procedure done. He mentions a storage locker in San Diego that might have some things Scout would want from her father. Monica asks him to join the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving.

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Stella, Sonny, and Carly pay Mike a visit and are shocked at the decline in his condition. Stella says there has been significant cognitive decline. Carly asks about good days, but Stella says the progression is uneven.  Sonny admits that it's hard to see Mike like that. Carly tells him that they need to help each other through this. 

TJ meets with Stella and tells her he wants to marry Molly. Stella warns him there are still people in this day and age who don't agree with interracial couples. She gives him her blessing, but warns him to be realistic and safe.

Julian's surprised to see that Franco is still in town. Franco says he decided not to go with Kim because he volunteered for the procedure. Julian accuses Franco of stringing Kim along and destroying her life. 

Liz checks in on Monica. Monica's not happy that Franco has agreed to the procedure and reminds Liz that there is no guarantee it will work. Liz says she wants her husband back. Monica hopes Franco isn't putting his life on the line for nothing. 

Neil runs into Julian and mentions that Alexis' illness is because of rat poison. Julian tells him about the dead rats behind the pub. He says the exterminators have taken care of the problem. Julian says he saw Kendra around the same time that Alexis got sick. 

Neil tells Alexis about his talk with Julian. He asks her about her sessions with Kendra. Alexis mentions the supplements, but says her doctor was okay with the ingredients. Neil points out she started getting sick around the same time. Alexis wonders if Neil suspects Kendra of poisoning her.